ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet


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This Cold Smoking Cabinet is purpose built for use with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator to dry, hang and cold smoke a wide range of foods. Made from weather resistant galvanised steel with a magnetic locking door, the cabinet has 3 removable stainless steel racks.

The ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet is designed to work with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator to create a ventilated cold smoking, hanging and drying cabinet. The galvanised steel construction is weather resistant whilst also lightweight and durable. Three easy to clean stainless steel racks are supplied giving lots of room for a variety of cold smoking projects. Food can be place on or hung from the racks (hooks not supplied) and there are 6 shelf positionings in the cabinet to accomodate different sized foods.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to cold smoke your own salmon, bacon and cheeses and experiment with an even wider repertoire of cold smoked projects, such as salts, oils, nuts, garlic etc. Ventilation is through the bottom front flap opening to the generator housing and then out of the top through two sizeable vents between the top and back panels.

Specifically designed for use with the regular sized ProQ Cold Smoke Generator (15cm square version) rather than the larger Artisan which would give too much smoke output for the chamber volume. The cabinet features a galvanised box cover, open front and back for the generator to be placed inside and for smoke to gravitate upwards whilst the wood dust content is protected.

Please Note: The cabinet is not supplied with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator For use outdoors only

Cabinet measures H61 x W31 x D31 cm and weighs 7.4kg

3 stainless steel grill racks measuring 27 x 26.5 cm