Cold Smoking Cabinet Set


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The full works for home curing and smoking, our Cold Smoking Cabinet Set includes the ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet, the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, two 500g packs of fine Hot Smoked smoking dust in Oak and Beech flavours, 1kg of Supracure, a ready-mixed cure, plus our Hot Smoked 24 page recipe booklet. Save £10 on the combined value of these items.

The recipe booklet includes recipes for bacon, pancetta, smoked salmon, duck breast, cheeses, nuts & seeds and smoked aioli together with useful cold smoking tips and techniques and provides a useful launch pad into the rich world of artisan cold smoking to help you develop your own projects. The booklet also includes various hot smoking recipes.

The ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet can be used to dry and hang foods as well as cold smoke. Made from weather resistant galvanised steel with a magnetic locking door, the cabinet has 3 removable stainless steel racks. It’s designed to work with the stainless steel ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, also supplied with your set, which slots into a customised housing in the base. For use outdoors, the cabinet is constructed in weather resistant galvanised steel which is also lightweight and durable. Three easy to clean stainless steel racks are supplied giving lots of room for a variety of cold smoking projects. Food can be placed on or hung from the racks (hooks not supplied) and there are 6 shelf positionings in the cabinet to accommodate different sized foods. Ventilation is through the bottom front flap opening to the generator housing and then out of the top through two sizeable vents between the top and back panels.

Cold smoking relies on the ability to create cooled flavourful smoke, which is exactly what the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator does. The mesh maze design promotes a flame-free prolonged smouldering and just one fill with a fine wood dust will provide up to 10 hours of smoke generation.

It’s important to use the right consistency of wood dust for optimum performance with your cold smoke generator, so we’ve include two 500g packs of our Hot Smoked pure, fine smoking dust, in Oak for a strong smoke and in Beech for something a little more subtle.

Finally, most meats and fish need to be stablised or cured prior to cold smoking, particularly if they will ultimately be eaten raw as in the case of smoked salmon, so included with your set is a 1kg pack of Curing Salts, a ready-mix salt cure which contains just the right levels of curing agents (1.2% in total) to ensure the elimination of residual bacteria. For use at a rate of 60g per 1kg of meat or fish, the cure will give you plenty for numerous cold smoking projects. Add your own mix of ground or cracked herbs and spices for a bespoke take on curing.

Cold smoking sometimes gets the rap of being a little technical or complicated, but with this set you’ll be surprised how easy it is to cold smoke your own salmon, bacon and cheeses and experiment with an even wider repertoire of cold smoked projects, such as salts, oils, nuts, garlic etc.


Cure any foods that require it, following the instructions in the Recipe Booklet.

Set up your cabinet outside and add the food you plan to smoke.

Away from the cabinet, fill the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator with a wood dust of your choice, lightly tamp in place and ensure that the top beading is still visible. Light the tealight and place on the small plate at one corner of the generator. After a couple of minutes and once you see wispy smoke emerge from the dust, remove and extinguish the tealight.

Place the lit smoke generator into the housing in the base of the smoker.

Leave to smoke.

Remove the food and allow to settle for a few hours before eating.



ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet H61 x W31 x D31 cm, weight 7.4kg

Includes 3 stainless steel grill racks measuring 27 x 26.5 cm

ProQ Cold Smoke Generator H15 x W15 x D5 cm