Eco Cold Smoking Set


All you need to create your own home cured and smoked bacon, salmon, cheese and countless other delicious smoky recipes, this cold smoking set includes the ProQ Eco Smoker, the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, Smoking Dust, Supracure and our Hot Smoked 24 page recipe booklet.

The ProQ Eco Smoker is a brilliant low cost cold smoking cabinet for effective cold smoking at home. Recyclable cardboard probably isn’t the most obvious material for a food smoker, but the double wall construction and cardboard engineering of this smoker is remarkably robust and fit for purpose. Clever cardboard ledges fold out to hold metal grill racks and there’s a metal tray in the base which the ProQ cold smoke generator, supplied with your set, sits on. As there’s no open flame in this process – the design of the smoker plus generator housing promotes exactly the right airflow to maintain gentle flame-free smouldering – there’s optimum cold smoke generation without the heat.

Use of the right consistency smoking dust is key so we’ve supplied 500g of pure, fine Beech smoking dust with your set, giving you up to 50 hours smoking time. Beech is a highly versatile smoking flavour, quite delicate in strength, but excellent with fish and cheeses in particular. Along with your ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, you’ll receive a 100g sachet of oak dust which gives you a stronger smoke alternative for more robust flavoured foods.

For fresh meats and fish, you will need to cure your food before smoking, so we’ve also included a 1kg pack of Curing Salts, a ready-mix salt cure which contains just the right level of curing agents (1.2% and well within permitted EU levels) to give you piece of mind that any bacterial content has been dealt with. Some cured and smoked meats and fish are effectively eaten raw, so it’s essential that you do ‘cure’ but it’s not as technical as it sounds and the accompanying recipe book provides lots of inspiration and step by step guidance.

For cheeses, oils, salts, nuts, garlic, chillis and many other ingredients, no curing is required, jump straight to smoking.

How to Use:

The Eco Smoker comes flat packed and it’s really very easy to put together with instructions printed on the back of the box. Takes about 10 minutes. The smoker is constructed from an outer box, an inner sleeve, a metal base tray, metal drip tray with handles and three chrome grill racks.

Position the Cold Smoker outside in a covered area if you have one, shelter from wind and protect from rain. Place the food to be smoked on the grill racks.

Away from the cold smoker, fill the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator with wood dust. Leave the top ridge clear and tamp the dust down gently. Light the dust from the outer corner using the tealight included with your generator. After a couple of minutes and once you see wispy smoke rising from the lit dust, remove and extinguish the tealight.

Slide the generator into the base of the smoker via the flap and onto the tray.  The generator should burn for around 10 hours creating cooled wood smoke flavour. If you need less smoking hours, place a small wad of foil partway through the maze construction and only fill with wood dust to this point.

A small top vent allows for effective air and smoke circulation and carry handles are built into each side of the cardboard construction. The smoker is light to transport and can be packed away after use for easy storage. All metal components are washable, but avoid getting the cardboard components wet to prolong the smoker’s life. Always use outdoors.

This is a low cost entry into the rewarding culinary world of cold smoking which is easy to use, but also highly effective. Try smoked fish including salmon and rainbow trout, cheeses, vegetables such as chillis and garlic or salt crystals for your ingredients store, not forgetting salami or home cured bacon.


Eco Cold Smoker: H 55  x W 29 x D 29 cm

ProQ Cold Smoke Generator: H 15  x W 15 x D 5 cm (excluding handles)