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Over 30 flavours, in sizes to suit all smokers and bbqs

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who we are


Hot Smoked is Alyson, Caroline, Archie and Jane with extra help at busy times from David, Fynn, Gus, Ben, Sophie and Amber. We specialise in all things food smoking offering a vast range of smoking woods, accessories and smokers, backed by 12 years' expertise. We first got involved with food smoking when we purchased a smoker at the CLA Game Fair many years ago and we were so impressed with the results we decided this was the future for outdoor cooking. 

We've enjoyed experimenting with both hot and cold smoking, using our own home grown rare breed pork and beef. We've helped debunk some of the perceived technicalities with accessible recipes and guides and we've created an award winning range of gift kits, designed to introduce all outdoor cooks to fantastic wood smoke flavour. All you need is a regular BBQ. The possibilities really are endless and the rewards always incredibly tasty! We continue to experiment with food smoking and are happy to share our various experiences with you.

who we are

                         Jane, Caroline and Alyson in the Hot Smoked packing area.