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Over 30 flavours, in sizes to suit all smokers and bbqs

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who we are


Hot Smoked is Alyson, Caroline, Jane and David with occasional help from Ellie, Fynn, Frankie and Alfie. We specialise in all things food smoking - apart from the food, though we have been known to cook up some really very delicious hot and cold smoked dishes. We first got involved with food smoking when we purchased a smoker at the CLA Game Fair many years ago. Whilst the shiny smoker was intriguing to look at, as discerning foodies it was the amazing taste of the smoked food offered to us which convinced us to buy.

Once we got into smoking food for ourselves, we thought we ought to let others in on the secret and started to sell a range of different food smokers to suit virtually all requirements. If you love to barbecue or cook outdoors you will love the extra taste dimension food smoking brings to the process. The possibilities really are endless and the rewards always incredibly tasty!
We continue to experiment with food smoking and are happy to share our various experiences with you.

who we are

                         Jane, Caroline and Alyson in the Hot Smoked packing area.