ProQ Eco Cold Smoker


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The ProQ Eco Smoker is a brilliant low cost cold smoking cabinet for effective cold smoking at home. Designed for use with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator (supplied separately), the Eco Smoker is actually made of recyclable cardboard, not the first material which springs to mind when you think of a food smoker. But for cold smoking pre-cured foods the double layer construction of this smoker really does the job.

The Eco Smoker comes flat packed and it’s really very easy to put together with instructions printed on the back of the box. Takes about 10 minutes. The smoker is constructed from an outer box, an inner sleeve, a metal base tray, metal drip tray with handles and three chrome grill racks.

An opening flap at the base allows access to the base tray where the wood smoke is created. Ideally use the brilliant ProQ Cold Smoke Generator to create your cooled wood smoke flavour. This device relies on a low level smouldering wood dust fill to generate cooled smoke without heat and crucially, without any open flame. The generator is available separately. You can use alternative kit, but make sure it doesn’t involve open flame.

A small top vent allows for effective air and smoke circulation and carry handles are built into each side of the cardboard construction. The smoker is light to transport and can be packed away after use for easy storage. All metal components are washable, but avoid getting the cardboard components wet to prolong the smoker’s life. Always use outdoors.

This is a low cost entry into the rewarding culinary world of cold smoking. Try smoked fish including salmon and rainbow trout, cheeses, vegetables such as chillies and garlic or salt crystals for your ingredients store, not forgetting salami or home cured bacon.

Dimensions: 55cm high x 29cm wide x 29cm deep.