ProQ Cold Smoke Generator


Create home cold smoked salmon, bacon, cheeses, charcuterie and lots more with this ingenious cold smoke generator. All you need is a ventilated smoking chamber – a BBQ, ceramic grill or home made smoking cabinet – and some fine wood dust. The maze design looks simple enough but the mesh size, channel width and length have been perfectly calibrated so that a fill of just 100g of wood dust will smoulder gently over the course of 10 hours producing cooled aromatic wood smoke. So this 15cm square mesh maze will turn your BBQ into a cold smoker. Use again and again for a wide range of cold smoking projects.

Included with your Cold Smoke Generator is a tealight together with a 200g pack of fine oak smoking dust. Everything you need to get cold smoking!

Cold smoking

Cold smoked foods are essentially raw foods which have been cured with a salt and sugar mix before sealing with a layer of wood smoke. The cure removes excess moisture which has the dual effect of removing the breeding ground for bacteria and intensifying the food flavour. The seal of smoke also has a preservative effect. Non fresh foods, such as nuts, oils, salts, chillis and garlic, don’t need to be cured but can go straight to the cold smoking stage.

How it works

Fill with 100g of a fine wood dust. Light from the outer corner using the tealight supplied and once the wood starts to smoulder remove and extinguish the tealight. Place in your grill and add your food. Ventilate gently. The wood will gently burn producing cooled wood smoke without heat as it travels along the mesh channel. Leave for the full 10 hours or part fill for shorter smoking sessions.

Selecting your wood dust

We recommend oak, beech, maple and whisky oak from our dust collection for best results. Other flavours will work but can be less reliable due to their larger sized or variable sized particles, a combination of large and small particles. Larger particles with their larger surface allow too much oxygen into the process creating heat spikes which will elevate the cold smoking temperature and also increasing the risk of the smouldering being extinguished. Tiny, dusty particles won’t allow enough oxygen in to maintain smouldering. Batches do vary however, so do feel free to give us a call about latest batch consistency if you are set on a flavour not on our recommended list. You can also mix flavours to even out consistency issues, so for example, Beech with it’s mild subtle flavour is an excellent ‘carrier’ which you can use as a base layer in your cold smoke generator to maintain smouldering, topped with your preferred flavour eg Apple or Hickory. Or create your own bespoke blend with equally powered flavours such as Maple (consistently fine) and Cherry (more variable consistency).

The ProQ Cold Smoke Generator also works brilliantly with a wide range of existing outdoor cooking equipment, creating wood smoke without heat to achieve the necessary sub 20 deg C smoking conditions. Try with electric smokers such as the Bradley range, Weber BBQs and for a non fuss, economical smoking compartment, the ProQ Eco Smoker, an ingenious  cardboard smokerlavours through this moisture loss. The cold smoke then penetrates the surface of the food to create a barrier to pests and disease as well as wonderful smoke flavour. This has a preservative effect and although the food effectively remains raw it is safe to eat – such as smoked hams, saucisson or salmon, or can be cooked for consumption at a later time, such as bacon.

This device will add a vast new culinary repertoire to the home smoker whilst also providing a reliable source of cold smoke for the commercial smoker.

Measures approximately 15cm square (6 inches square) and 4cm (1.5 inches) high.

Made of stainless steel.

Care Instructions: Wash in hot soapy water and scrub gently with a soft nailbrush to remove any residues. Also dishwasher safe, but wash separately.