Cold Smoking Kit


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Our Cold Smoking Kit is all you need to get started with cold smoking on a hooded BBQ or smoker. The kit guides you through curing and cold smoking a wide range of recipes and it can be used again and again as you master the technique! Gift boxed, this makes a lovely gift for the outdoor cook looking to expand their smoking skills.

Featuring the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, this 15cm square mesh maze is the key to creating mellow cooled wood smoke flavour, without the heat. We’ve added 3 different flavours of fine wood dust in Beech, Maple and Oak providing mild to strong smoke, our recipe booklet and an instructions leaflet.

Create your own smoked salmon, bacon, salami, cheeses and try your hand at a range of other cold smoking projects such as butter, oils, salt, nuts and chillies.

You will need a covered, ventilated compartment such as a BBQ, a dedicated smoker, ceramic grill or your own homemade smoking compartment which you can ingeniously create from an old kitchen cupboard, log store or even a filing cabinet. Once the generator is lit and with the correct amount of ventilation, there is no open flame involved, so a wooden or other non steel construction is ideal.

The generator is designed to allow just enough air to fuel smouldering wood dust so that it burns extremely slowly and up to 10 hours from just a 100g fill of wood dust and without the build up of heat, creating cooled aromatic wood smoke for a range of cold smoking projects in which food is sealed and flavoured with wood smoke but not cooked.

The generator works best with a fine particle wood dust and we’ve supplied a selection of three of our finest in 200g packs, giving you total of our 60 hours cold smoking:

  • Oak delivers a robust smoke flavour ideal for bacon and oily fish as well as some cheeses
  • Maple has a rich, mellow flavour which will work well with bacon and other smoked charcuterie
  • Beech is a light, subtle flavour ideal for more delicate foods but also surprising good with fish.

Also included in the pack is the Hot Smoked Recipe Booklet, 24 pages of hot and cold smoking recipes with easy to follow instructions and great colour images. Cold smoking recipes include bacon, pancetta, salmon, duck, cheeses and cold smoked larder staples such as salt and garlic.

Box Dimensions: L37.2cm x D24cm x H5cm

Generator Dimensions: W 15 x D 15 x H 4 cm made of stainless steel. Tealight is included for lighting the dust

Storage: Reseal wood bags after use and store in a cool dry place

Cleaning: The ProQ Cold Smoke Generator is dishwasher safe, but also benefits from gentle brushing on the fine mesh work to remove resinous deposits. An old toothbrush or soft nailbrush is ideal for this task.