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*NEW* A complete kit for home curing and cold smoking, this kit will be your springboard to the full recipe repertoire of delicious smoked meats, fish and cheeses as well as butter, oils, salt, nuts and chillies. The kit provides everything you need to master this wonderful artisan process and all you need is a smoking compartment which can be a regular BBQ, dedicated smoker or a home-made compartment – think  kitchen cupboard, old fridge or even cardboard engineering. Any enclosed, ventilated compartment will work. The reward is wonderful tasting foods and complete knowledge about how your food has been produced.

Included in the kit are the items you need for the two key stages of cold smoked foods, a ready-mix cure for fresh meats and fish, a cold smoke generator for smoke production plus two pure smoking wood dust flavours in constrasting strenghts, Oak and Beech, along with a bonus pack of Alder dust. To help you we’ve also included our Hot Smoked Recipe Booklet and our Guide to Using Wood Smoke Flavour leaflet.

Presented in a gift box, this makes a brilliant gift for the curious cook, keen to master the art of curing and smoking.


  • Ready Mixed Cure 1kg
  • ProQ Cold Smoke Generator
  • Oak Smoking Dust 500g
  • Beech Smoking Dust 500g
  • Alder Smoking Dust bonus pack (approx 200g)
  • Hot Smoked 24 page Recipe Booklet
  • Guide to Using Wood Smoke Flavours Leaflet

The cure mix contains curing agents, at a rate of 1.2% of an overall salt mix. The compounds are present in just enough concentration (well below permitted EU guidelines) to give you peace of mind that any residual bacterial content will be eradicated. Salt along with your own additions of sugar, herbs and spices, does the rest, whilst also imbueing your foods with even more excellent flavours. Use the cure mix at a rate of 60g per 1kg of meat or fish, or dissolve in water to create a liquid brine.

Our wood dust is graded to the optimum size to smoulder effectively in the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator. The wood is totally pure, FSC certified and produced specifically for food smoking purposes. Oak is a wonderful rich flavour, although quite strong it is highly versatile and will work with most foods, particularly if you love smokier flavours. Beech is a lighter more subtle flavour and works well with fish and white meats. A mix of the two creates a middle flavour ground. The Alder is slightly stronger than Beech and best known for use with smoked salmon.

The ProQ Cold Smoke Generator is an ingenious lo-tech stainless steel mesh ‘maze’, measuring 15cm square, calibrated at just the right size to enable enough airflow to create low temperature smoulding of the wood dust whilst it releases aromatic smoke. The generator is filled with just 100g of wood dust and lit from an outer corner. The wood burns slowly and travels along the mesh channels, delivering wood smoke for around 10 hours.


Box Dimensions: L47cm x D33cm x H10cm

Generator Dimensions: W 15 x D 15 x H 4 cm made of stainless steel. Tealight is included for lighting the dust


Reseal wood bags after use and store in a cool dry place


The ProQ Cold Smoke Generator is dishwasher safe, but also benefits from gentle brushing on the fine mesh work to remove resinous deposits. An old toothbrush or soft nailbrush is ideal for this task.


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