ProQ Ranger Elite V4


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This multi-purpose smoker/BBQ is the smallest in the ProQ range, but still offers great capacity and functionality for your outdoor cooking projects. Hot smoke, steam, roast or BBQ over charcoal, choose the compartment size you need for a particular dish and convert to a portable kettle BBQ. Made up of a base, two cooking stackers and a lid, each element has a robust porcelain finish, providing excellent heat retention. The multiple air vents allows you to control both burn rate and temperature, ideal for low and slow hot smoking conditions. Using the wok style water pan feature adds moisture to your long cooks and doubles as a useful accessory for stir fry cooking and paella.

We love this size smoker, its big enough for most hot smoking tasks – it will accommodate two whole chickens one on each grill rack – but not so intimidating as the giants in the ProQ range. Its an ideal home smoker and incredibly versatile. It can also be used for cold smoking using the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator.

  • Free 500g pack of wood chips
  • Free standard delivery. Next day options also available
  • 37cm diameter, 100cm tall – cook whole chickens and more
  • Porcelain coated with stainless steel fittings.


Lid with temperature gauge – tracks the chamber temperature and includes vent for temperature control. Use the lid to keep the heat in for smoking and roasting

Hanging rack and set of 5 stainless steel hooks – attached to the top of the lid for hanging food whilst it cooks.

Smoking compartments x 2 – each includes a grill rack, pair of silicon insulated handles and inspection door. Fitted with a double bracket for grill rack and water pan positions.

Silicon insulated outer handles, for easy and safe portability and a set of latches to enable components to be attached together for greater stability and for transporting as a whole unit.

Silicon probe eyelets – for use with temperature probes to monitor the internal temperature of your food.

Inspection doors for viewing your food and, for the level above the base, for adding an extra handful of wood chips and for water pan top-ups.

Water pan – this buffers and stabilises the temperature and enables cooking over indirect heat when roasting and smoking, ideal for authentic slow cooked BBQ smoking. It can also be used as a wok or paella pan. Add a dash of wine or cider plus fresh herbs to your water pan for extra flavours.

Multiple air vents – 3 in the base and 1 in the lid allow you to control air flow in and out of your smoker, eg in windy conditions. Each has a cool-touch silicon tab.

Base with sturdy tripod leg design. Sits close to the ground for excellent stability. The legs are the only assembly element with an very easy design with integral fittings. Once in place create a bracket for the charcoal basket.


  • External Diameter: 37cm
  • Height: 98cm
  • Stacker Depth : 21cm
  • Grill Rack Diameter: 34 cm
  • Weight: 11.5kg


  • Wall thickness 1mm steel core with full glossy black porcelain coating
  • Stainless steel grill racks and all other fittings
  • Silicone cool-touch features on handles and vents