ProQ Frontier Hot & Cold Smoker Set


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The full works for both hot and cold smoking, this money-saving bundle of products includes smoker, cold smoke generator, chips for hot smoking, dust for cold smoking, cure mix, recipes and tips & techniques. All you need to master a complete range of food smoking projects and save £27.99 in the process.


  • ProQ Frontier Elite V4 smoker (RRP £349)
  • ProQ Cold Smoke Generator (RRP £34.99)
  • Hickory smoking chips 400g box (RRP £7.50)
  • Cherry smoking chips 400g box (RRP £7.50)
  • Oak smoking dust 500g bag (RRP £6.95)
  • Ready-mix Cure 1kg (RRP £7.50)
  • 24 page Recipe Booklet with both hot and cold smoking ideas and helpful tips & techniques

The best-selling smoker in the ProQ range, the ProQ Frontier Elite V4 is the middle size in the range, 45cm in diameter and just over 1m tall, big enough for entertaining and ideal for more informal family cook-outs. As a more visual size guide you can fit up to four whole chickens in the smoker, over two cooking racks. Consisting of a base unit with charcoal basket, two cooking chambers and a lid, the Frontier offers versatile cooking options including hot smoking, steaming, roasting, grilling and in combination with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, cold smoking. You can also use the chamber for those essential drying and ‘settling’ stages for cold smoking. For hot smoking, it offers a range of features to achieve authentic melt-in-the-mouth slow cooked and flavoured dishes, the slower the better. But if you did just want to BBQ, just whack the heat up and go for a faster cook.

The Frontier can be reconfigured to provide the right compartment size for a particular project and will even convert to a portable kettle BBQ. The robust porcelain finish provides excellent heat retention whilst multiple air vents allow you to control both burn rate and temperature, ideal for low and slow hot smoking conditions. The water pan feature adds moisture to your long cooks and buffers the charcoal heat source for indirect cooking.

The ProQ Cold Smoke Generator is a fantastic tool to create cooled smoke to flavour cured foods such as salmon, bacon, pancetta and other foods which don’t require curing such as salts, oils, butter, garlic, chillis, nuts, seeds… the list goes on. Use in the base of your smoker (without the need for any charcoal fuel) in combination with the ventilation options and place food either on grill racks or hang from hooks in the underside of the lid. The all stainless steel generator features a square maze design. The mesh size, channel width and length have been perfectly calibrated so that a fill of just 100g of wood dust, lit from an outer corner, will smoulder gently over the course of 10 hours producing cooled aromatic wood smoke. So this 15cm square mesh maze will turn your Frontier into a cold smoker. Use again and again for a wide range of cold smoking projects. Included with your Cold Smoke Generator is a tealight together with a 200g pack of fine oak smoking dust in addition to the 500g pack.

We’ve included two boxes of pure smoking chips in Hickory and Cherry flavours for hot smoking, giving you a strong and medium flavour to match to the food flavours you are working with. Supplied in an easy-to-store, easy-to-pour box, our wood chips are totally natural and sourced from sustainable managed resources. The chip size of around 6mm is ideal for using with a smoker box or wrapped in a foil pouch. For faster flavours, you can simply toss a handful of chips straight onto your heat source and when you are ready, we have many more flavours in our wood chips range to experiment with.

For cold smoking, we’ve included a 500g pack of fine consistency oak smoking dust. This is the optimum particle size for use in the cold smoke generator. Larger particles can introduce too much air so the smouldering is accelerated or extinguished, but our oak dust is one of the most reliable and certainly our go-to product when using the cold smoke generator. Oak has a robust flavour, but is really versatile so will work with most foods. Of course, once you’ve mastered your first few projects, we’ve a fantastic range of dust flavours to choose from in our Wood Dust section.

Our Ready Mix Cure contains just the right proportion of curing agents (Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrate) at a rate of 1.2% in total and blended into a fine salt. You don’t need much, just 60g per 1kg of meat of fish, so this 1kg pack will cure up to 22kg of meat. Add sugar, molasses and a whole host of herbs and spices or a touch of alcohol to create your own bespoke cure mix.

Our 24 page Recipe Booklet talks you through hot and cold smoking, woods, equipment and provides a great selection of hot and cold smoking recipes designed to act as a springboard for your own food smoking adventures. Recipes include hot smoked mackerel, whole smoked chicken, moroccan lamb, spicy beef brisket, vegetarian and dessert options and for cold smoking, bacon, salmon, cheeses and various larder staples. It’s all our Hot Smoked knowledge – over to you!


ProQ Frontier:

  • External Diameter: 43cm, Height: 102cm, Grill Rack Diameter: 40 cm, Weight: 16kg

ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

  • 15cm square (6 inches square) and 4cm (1.5 inches) high.


ProQ Frontier

  • Wall thickness 1mm steel core with full glossy black porcelain coating
  • Stainless steel grill racks and all other fittings
  • Silicone cool-touch features on handles and vents
  • 10 year warranty

ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Care Instructions: Wash in hot soapy water and scrub gently with a soft nailbrush to remove any residues. Also dishwasher safe, but wash separately.

Smoking Chips

400g packs. Pack size H 20 x W 12 x D 6 cm

Smoking Dust

500g pack. Pack size approximately H 15 x W14 x D 7cm


More features details:

ProQ Frontier

  • Lid with temperature gauge – tracks the chamber temperature and includes vent for temperature control. Use the lid to keep the heat in for smoking and roasting
  • Hanging rack and set of 5 stainless steel hooks – attached to the top of the lid for hanging food whilst it cooks.
  • Smoking compartments x 2 – each includes a grill rack, pair of silicon insulated handles and inspection door. Fitted with a double bracket for grill rack and water pan positions.
  • Silicon insulated outer handles, for easy and safe portability and a set of latches to enable components to be attached together for greater stability and for transporting as a whole unit.
  • Silicon probe eyelets – for use with temperature probes to monitor the internal temperature of your food.
  • Inspection doors for viewing your food and, for the level above the base, for adding an extra handful of wood chips and for water pan top-ups.
  • Water pan – this buffers and stabilises the temperature and enables cooking over indirect heat when roasting and smoking, ideal for authentic slow cooked BBQ smoking. Add a dash of wine or cider plus fresh herbs to your water pan for extra flavours.
  • Multiple air vents – 3 in the base and 1 in the lid allow you to control air flow in and out of your smoker, eg in windy conditions. Each has a cool-touch silicon tab.
  • Base with sturdy tripod leg design. Sits close to the ground for excellent stability. The legs are the only self assembly element with a very easy design with integral fittings. Once in place create a bracket for the charcoal basket.