ProQ Charcoal Chimney Starter


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An indispensible accessory for your outdoor cooking, this charcoal chimney starter from ProQ will light your charcoal effortlessly and have you ready to cook in minutes. Constructed in stainless steel, this chimney starter is larger and better designed than the average starter. A single fill will give you enough coals for a full cook and the double ‘stay cool’ handle design makes it easier to lift and tip. A heavy duty heat protection plate which virtually spans the whole height provides extra protection. The roomy cylinder has multiple perforations in the main body and four large ventilation holes in the base to help your coals establish more quickly. The interior is fitted with a coil in a cone shape which effectively promotes airflow into the cylinder.

To use, load the base with newspaper (you can also add a couple of natural firelighters to the newspaper).Then fill the main cylinder with charcoal or briquettes. Light the newspaper at the base and leave it to burn through to the charcoal. After 10 to 15 minutes, so long as smoke is still appearing from the top of the cyclinder, the charcoal should have caught fire and will gradually turn white hot. At this stage, tip the coals into your smoker or bbq. Make sure you don’t put the chimney starter on grass or a paving stone that matters as it will leave a black circle. We love the larger capacity of this chimney starter as it will create virtually a full basket load of fuel in a BBQ or smoker.

Dimensions: 190 x 290 x 320mm, (190mm diameter) Weight 2.7KG

Construction: 1.5mm Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant Plastic Handles