Game & Fish Hot Smoking Trio


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For a walk on the wild-sports side, you’ll love this bundle of smoking chips with flavours specifically selected to complement foods caught in the wild. The assortment of three of our award winning boxed smoking chips packs includes includes Alder for fish, Cherry for game birds and Whisky Oak for venison, wild boar, grouse and salmon.

Each flavour is packaged in 400g weight recyclable boxes, with detailed on pack information including recipe ideas (not exclusive to game and fish) along with lots of ‘how to’ information as well as tips and techniques.

The chips are 6 to 10mm in size and ideal for use in a regular BBQ, smoker or any grill with a lid and ventilation. Add to white hot coals or place above gas burners and protect in foil or a smoker box. As they heat up their aromatic flavours are released infusing lovely smoky flavours into your food.

Included in our Game & Fish Hot Smoking Trio are the following:

Cherry – a well balanced, rich and slightly sweet fruitwood ideal for gamebirds including partridge, pheasant and duck but also suitable for a wider range of foods including meats, poultry and vegetables.

Alder – a robust yet mellow strong smoke flavour perfectly balanced for line caught fish including trout, bass and salmon.

Whisky Barrel Oak –  produced from authentic Scottish Oak Whisky Barrels, these smoking chips are deeply infused with whisky providing a double flavour, perfect for meats, game and salmon. Delicious with moorland grouse.

This combination makes a great gift for the game hunter and cook. Team with our Hot Smoked Smoker Box or add other flavours from our boxed chips range including Cherry, Beech, Oak, Hickory and Maple.

Individual pack size is H 200 x W 120 x D 65 mm and weight approximately 400g giving you enough smoking chips for around 3 to 4 smoking projects. The packs are packaged in a dedicated box measuring 30 x 20 x 7cm.

Our wood chips are 100% natural hardwood or fruitwood, sourced sustainably from managed woodlands and produced specifically for food use. The cardboard packaging is fully recyclable. Store in a cool dry place and your wood chips will be great for smoking for up to 2 years.