Beech Smoking Dust 1kg


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Flavour Guide: LIGHT

*NEW* Now supplied in strong, natural kraft bags. FSC certified, sustainable, renewable and can be recycled many times.

Our beech dust is a clear hit for a light, subtle smoke flavour and it’s now available in a new money saving 1kg pack, giving you more cold smoke flavour for less.

The consistency of our beech is consistently fine and a perfect particle size for cold smoking in mesh tray cold smokers such as the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator.

Pale in colour and fine in texture it produces a light and delicate smoke flavour with a slight nutty hint. It’s a wonderfully subtle wood flavour which goes with almost anything but particularly suited to more delicate food flavours. For fish, vegetables and seafood beech is definitely a choice of ‘less is more’. We love the subtle smokiness that beech brings to most foods and it’s one of our staples.

The dust particles are between 1 and 2mm, so the optimum size for reliable smouldering in the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator and other slow smoulder cold smokers which can be used in a regular BBQ or any ventilated smoking compartment. It is also suitable for stainless steel tray style smokers such as the Camerons.

This 1kg bag will give you 100 hours of cold smoking in a ProQ generator. Packaged in cellophane bags your dust will be kept dry, though we recommend the bags are resealed after use and stored in a cool dry place. This way your wood dust will deliver great results for up to 2 years.

Also available in 500g bags £6.95 and larger 5kg bulk pack £34 (For larger volumes from 15kg, please get in touch for our wholesale price list at

There’s more information on using smoking woods in our info pages here and for help on flavour selection check our wood flavour tasting notes

FSC/PEFC certified and sourced sustainably from managed woodlands. We work hard with our supplier to ensure the consistency of our smoking dust and we carefully monitor batch differences. Produced specifically for food use.