Angus & Oink Steak & Burger Gift Pack


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If you love steak and burgers or in fact any red meat, then this gift set is the rubs equivalent of a Full Monty. The set includes a collection of four typically anarchic Angus & Oink seasonings bursting with great flavours and inspired by their world travels, taking in grilled meats at every stop! Not just for BBQ cooking, these rubs can be added to dips and sauces, used to pre-marinade or as a post cooked sprinkle.

The gift pack includes 4 x 200g to 250g shaker jars of the following:

Texas Steak (200g)

This big, bold, stetson-wearing rub is designed for use with big, bold, juicy steaks. A combination of five types of aromatic peppers, three salts and two types of garlic, this full-on rub delivers both on flavour and texture. To avoid charring, season in the latter stages of cooking so the heat from the meat helps absorb the flavours. Top tip: season the board when you cut the meat to add an extra flavour hit.

Fries With That? (225g)

This epic US inspired rub adds a taste sensation to fries, wedges, nachos, pop-corn and anything else you’d like to try out –  designed originallly for fries, it’s taken on a new flavour life! The rich flavours of garlic butter and bacon give a meaty, savoury hit to any food. Best applied over hot, freshly cooked fries, toss well in a bowl for an even coating before serving.

Gaucho Steak Seasoning (220g)

Inspired by Argentinian asado cooking on the parrilla, this rub is the perfect accompaniment to big hearty chunks of beef and lamb. Featuring a sensational blend of black pepper, garlic, coriander and jalapeño with extra herbs and sea salt. It’s best used as a seasoning in place of salt and pepper when grilling steaks. Alternatively, mix with a liberal glug of olive oil and squeeze of lemon for a herbaceous Chimichurri dressing. Gluten free and vegan friendly.

Montreal Steak & Burger Rub (250g)

Made specifically for steaks and burgers. Big steaks and burgers! This buzzing blend of spices and herbs features dill and garlic with additional notes of sweet pickle and garlic and a final flourish of oregano, coriander and caraway for a distinctive peppery finish, lifting meat seasoning to another level. Season smash burgers on a flat plate grill or indoors on a cast iron pan for super tasty burgers.


Apply an even coating, use at approx 3-4% meat weight, or use mixed with with olive oil & lemon juice – leave to marinade for at least 1 hour, but ideally overnight.


For allergens see items in BOLD and CAPS

Texas Steak – Pepper, Salt, Celery Salt (CELERY), Sugar, Garlic, Onion, Oregano, Bay, Cumin, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Soy (SOY BEANS), E621 & E631.

Fries with That? – Salt, Sugar, Chilli, Paprika, Black pepper, Garlic, Onion, Butter Powder (MILK), Celery Salt (CELERY), Marjoram, Parsley, Oregano, Turmeric, Cumin, Natural Flavourings, E621, E631, Silicon Dioxide.

Gaucho Steak Seasoning – Salt, Sugar, black pepper, garlic, celery Salt (CELERY), Lemon powder, coriander, Jalapeño & ancho chilli, caraway, onion, red bell pepper, bay, Basil, thyme, dill, E621, E631  

Montreal Steak & Burger Rub – Sugar,Coarse Sea Salt, Oregano, Garlic Granules, Black Pepper, Dill Seeds, Coriander Powder, Celery Salt (CELERY), Chilli Powder, Caraway Seeds, Minced Onion, Red Pepper, Smoked paprika, E621, E631