Wood Chips Collection


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Our Wood Chips Collection is a sizeable six pack of popular wood smoke flavours in a mix of hardwoods and fruitwoods, varying in flavour strength to suit a wide range of foods.  The chips are 6 to 10 mm in size, perfect for hot smoking on a BBQ or smoker. Add smoky accents to BBQ classics, meat, chicken and fish, or experiment with vegetables, fruits, nuts, garlic and chillis, this collection offers a smoke flavour match for any of these projects. Packed into 500g weights in recyclable cellophone bags, each flavour will give you enough chips for around 4 or 5 smoking sessions, depending on the recipe. Supplied in a gift box with our Guide to Wood Smoke Flavours and a brilliant gift for any outdoor cook. Produced specifically for food use, the chips are 100% pure natural wood.

The flavour collection includes:

Oak – a strong smoke flavour which works with most types of food including fish and red meats

Hickory – a strong hardwood ideal for red meat and oily fish such as mackerel

Apple – a medium strength smoke flavour, ideal for white meats and poultry

Cherry – slightly sweeter than the apple, cherry is an ideal partner of game and poultry

Maple – a medium strength hardwood which works well with pork and fish such as trout

Beech – a milder hardwood flavour ideal for more delicate non oily fish or poultry