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Ooni Ovens

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  1. Ooni Pro Quad-Fuelled Outdoor Oven

    p>The first outdoor oven to offer four different fuel options, the Ooni Pro is a highly versatile, portable, multi-functional outdoor oven. Cook pizzas, roasts, bread, fish, veg or anything else using the dual charcoal/wood burner supplied with the unit. Add pellet or gas burners (available separately) to suit your cooking style.

    Free 3kg bags of artisan lumpwood charcoal

    Two door options including pizza letterbox style


  2. NEW Ooni 3 Portable Wood Fired Oven

    p>Designed to eliminate the bulk, hassle and expense of traditional wood fired ovens, Ooni 3 is a new generation of portable wood fired oven. Made of brushed stainless steel and powered by energy-dense wood pellets, the Ooni 3 can be set up anywhere to cook pizzas, meats, fish and vegetables at temperatures up to 500 deg C

    • Portable Wood Fired Oven
    • FREE 3kg bag of beech pellets with every order
    • Temperatures up to
  3. Ooni 3 Portable Wood Fired Oven BIG BUNDLE

    p>Get ready to start your Ooni3 Portable Wood Fired Oven experience with this bundle. Includes the Ooni 3 Oven, Cover, Ooni Cast Iron Sizzler Plate*, 3kg of Beech Wood Pellets, an extra Ooni 3 Pizza Peel (you already get one with your oven, but handy to have two), pizza sprinkle of salts & herbs and a turbo flex lighter.

    • Brushed stainless steel oven.
    • *Sizzler will be sent on to you as it is out of stock until July 201

    Out of stock

  4. Ooni Pro Pellet Burner

    p>A pellet burner accessory for the Ooni Pro Quad Fuelled Oven, this easy to use attachment gives you another fuelling and flavouring option for your Ooni Pro in addition to wood or charcoal. The unit attaches easily to the back and holds a couple of handfuls of high heat burning pellets.

    • Easy to attach to rear of your Uuni oven, fittings supplied
    • 430 stainless steel
    • Includes burner tray, grate, hopper, hopper l
  5. Ooni Pro Gas Burner

    p>Another fuelling option for the Ooni Pro Quad-Fuelled Oven, this gas burner gives you a mess-free, easy to use heat option, reaching 500 deg C within 20 minutes. Supplied with regulator and hose for use with propane/gas canister (not supplied). Provides superior temperature control for pizza, bread, steaks and more.

    • Easy to attach to rear of your Ooni oven, fittings supplied
    • 430 stainless steel
    • Supplied with 3

    Out of stock

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