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Delivita Ovens are a total revolution in wood-fired ovens and are MADE IN BRITAIN! In fact these state of the art ovens and beautiful accessories are all handcrafted in Yorkshire. Designed by a Yorkshire/Italian family, they are both portable and highly functional. The innovative fibre glass outer is teamed with a stainless steel framed front and a clay interior for traditional wood-fired cooking. The range includes a well thought out fleet of handmade accessories. If you are planning on investing in a wood-fired oven, this is the best you'll buy.
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  1. Delivita Kids Apron

    p>Making pizzas should be a fun family affair and this Delivita kids apron means that the whole family can join in the pizza making process, producing their own toppings versions as your Delivita oven heats up. This apron is in a dark grey machine washable cotton/polyester material with woven straps.

    • Childrens' apron measuring 60cm in length and 48cm across
    • Robust cotton/polyester fabric in dark grey
    • Black woven
  2. Delivita Apron

    p>A high quality cotton/polyester mix apron in a tan colour with the Delivita logo embroidered on the front. The apron is long length at 90cm and wide enough to offer great protection for outdoor cooking projects. The long-length straps cross over at the back before looping through side eyelets and can be tied at the back or side.

    • Machine washable durable cotton/polyester mix apron
    • Roomy size with flexible strap tie optio
  3. Delivita Luxury Leather Apron

    p>The Delivita luxury leather apron is crafted in longlasting extra oiled full grain Italian buffalo leather with tanned leather adjustable straps. The leather is extra oiled and both light and supple for extra comfort. Dark brown leather with lighter leather fittings and featuring the Delivita logo.

    • Apron length 82cm, Strap length 60cm with 9 belt holes
    • Pure full grain Italian buffalo leather
    • Fitted with tea to
  4. Infrared Thermometer

    p>For an instant temperature read-out of your wood-fired oven, kamado or smoker, just point this handheld infrared thermometer at the area to be measured and pull the trigger. The thermometer provides a temperature reading ranging from -50 to 550 degrees C and the no contact method eliminates the incidence of burns.

    • Designed for single handed operation
    • Useful for range of outdoor cooking and indoor applications
  5. Delivita Wood Prodder

    p>This 75cm long solid beech prodder is an excellent accessory for your wood-fired oven to help move burning wood around to manage the burn and regulate temperature. Also use to move pizzas or baking trays. Extra long length means you can access the back of the oven.

    • Solid beech, 75cm long and 7cm wide prodder
    • Leather hanging strap
    • A great accessory for the Delivita and all other wood-fired ovens

  6. Delivita Oven Brush

    p>This steel wire brush from Delivita is the perfect tool to keep the oven base clear of ash and cooking residues. It's a substantial tool combining steel, stainless steel and solid beech, handcrafted in Yorkshire, but also a very useful addition to any outdoor cooks armoury of accessories.

    • Robust steel wool cleaning brush for wood-fired ovens and other outdoor cooking kit
    • Solid beech handle
    • 46cm in length
  7. Delivita Dough Scraper

    p>An essential tool for handling pizza dough or any other dough, this handcrafted dough scraper helps mix and shape your dough mix and cleanly divides your proofed dough for professional pizza portions. The flat blade is ideal for lifting dough mixes from your preparation surfaces and the dough won't stick.

    • Stainless steel with solid beech handle
    • 15cm long x 9cm wide
    • Essential bakers tool for more than just pizz
  8. Delivita Axe

    p>A brilliant tool for the outdoor cook whether creating kindling or correctly sized seasoned logs for wood fired oven including the Delivita or creating wood smoking chunks from your own seasoned wood supplies or cutting down those you've bought which are a little too large. This mini axe is handmade, forged from carbon steel with a solid hickory wood handle.

    • 30 cm long axe, perfect accessory for cooking with wood
    • Carbon
  9. Delivita Pizza Cutter

    p>This beautiful but sturdy pizza cutter is sizeable enough to cut a 14" pizza. Handmade in Yorkshire, the cutter has a large stainless steel blade (with safe blunted edge) which curves gently to allow a rolled cutting action. The cutter has a solid beech handle with a soft-touch wax finish.

    • 35cm long stainless steel cutter
    • Sustainably sourced beech handle
    • Handmade in Yorkshire
  10. Delivita Pizza Peel

    p>This super large pizza peel is the key to successful pizza in your Delivita, or any other wood-fire oven. The large stainless steel peel measures 30cm across and 30cm deep with a long 36cm beech wood handle. Once you have your dough prepared, dust the base before placing on the peel and adding your toppings, then slide it into the centre of the oven.

    • Large 30cm square peel in stainless steel
    • Beech wooden handle
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