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Starter Kits

Starter Kits

Starter Kits

If you're new to food smoking or looking to buy a smoker or smoking accessories as a gift and you're struggling with the choices available, then let us help with one of our' food smoking kits. From introductory to more involved kits we offer a full solution for a variety of hot or cold smoking projects and each bundled kit will save you money.
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  1. BBQ Hot Smoking Kit

    his BBQ Hot Smoking Kit is an ideal pack for you to experiment with the tastes and techniques of hot smoking on your charcoal or gas barbecue. The kit includes a stainless steel smoker box, a selection of three packs of different wood chip flavours and some quick recipe ideas to get you started.
  2. Bacon Cure & Smoke Pack

    p>This Bacon Cure & Smoke Pack contains everything you need to create up to 16kg of authentic home cured home oak smoked bacon. Includes a professional cure mix, herbs, spices, ProQ Cold Smoke Generator and oak dust plus step by step instructions. All you need is the pork and a hooded bbq or smoker or add our Eco Smoker below.

    • Gift boxed with twine and hang tag
    • 1kg fine cure mix plus juniper berries, peppercorns & bay
  3. ProQ Ranger Hot & Cold Smoker Set

    p>SAVE £21. We've bundled together the ProQ Ranger Elite hot smoker with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, two types of wood smoking product along with our tips and techniques and recipe ideas for both hot and cold smoked dishes. Its all you need to get started with either smoking technique.

    • Complete kit for both hot and cold smoking
    • Two 500g bags of wood - chips & dust - free with this bundle
    • Hot Smoked

    Out of stock

  4. ProQ Frontier Elite Hot & Cold Smoker Set

    p>SAVE £21. This Hot & Cold Smoker Set gives you full hot and cold smoking capability. It includes the ProQ Frontier Elite Smoker/BBQ, the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, two types of wood smoking product and our 24 page booklet with tips, techniques and recipe ideas.

    • Complete kit for both hot and cold smoking
    • Two 500g bags of wood smoking chips free with this bundle
    • Hot Smoked 24 page recipe booklet worth
  5. ProQ Excel Elite Hot & Cold Smoker Set

    p>SAVE £28.99 with this top of the range hot and cold smoking combination. Includes the high specification ProQ Excel Elite, the ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator, two 500g packs of wood chips for hot smoking and two 500g packs of wood dust for cold smoking in a selection of flavours, plus recipe ideas, tips and techniques.

    • Complete kit for both hot and cold smoking
    • Selection of four wood products free
    • Lar
  6. Camerons Stovetop Starter Kit

    his Camerons Starter Kit combines a hot smoker, collection of mini wood smoking chips and a recipe book giving you everything you need - apart from the food - to start some serious hot smoking. * As featured in Daily Mail 25 Feb and rated 5/5

  7. ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

    p>An ingenious maze style device for effortless cold smoke generation for use in a hooded bbq, smoker or in any other smoking or grilling cabinet. Provides 10 hours of cold smoke from just 100g of fine wood dust. Measures 15cm square and 4cm in height and made of stainless steel. Use again and again for a wide range of cold smoking projects

    • Featured on Nadiya's British Food Adventure, BBC2
    • Tealight included plus 2 x 100g
  8. ProQ Cold Smoke Generator Gift Pack

    p>A gift version of the bestselling ProQ Cold Smoke Generator which includes two 500g bags of wood dust in oak and beech and our Hot Smoked Recipe Booklet as well as the generator itself, all packaged in a twist handle carrier bag with hang tag. Just the ticket for introducing friends and family to the rewards of home cold smoked bacon, fish, cheeses, garlic, oils, salts, chillies.....

    • ProQ Cold Smoke Generator
    • 2 x 500g w
  9. Fine Wood Dust Collection

    his money saving bundle of four x 1kg packs of dust is especially for use with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator. Save £4 on the combined cost. The generator works best with a fine particle and we have found these particular flavours to be most reliable and effective. The combination of strong to mild flavours will suit most cold smoking projects.
  10. Exotic Woods Collection

    p>Take your taste buds on a world tour with this collection of exotic smoking woods from around the globe. Includes six 100% natural woods: Orange from Valencia, Manuka from New Zealand, Mesquite from the USA, Juniper from Denmark, Olive from the Mediterranean and Vines from France. Boxed with our Hot Smoked Recipe Booklet.

    • Includes 6 x 300g packs of wood chips
    • Quick usage guide plus 24 page recipe booklet
    • Gift
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