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Starter Kits

Starter Kits

Starter Kits

If you're new to food smoking or looking to buy a smoker or smoking accessories as a gift and you're struggling with the choices available, then let us help with one of our' food smoking kits. From introductory to more involved kits we offer a full solution for a variety of hot or cold smoking projects and each bundled kit will save you money.
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  1. ProQ Artisan Cold Smoking Kit

    p>A great kit for some serious cold smoking. Included is the ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator together with three 300 packs of wood smoking dust, giving you up to 48 hours of cold smoke. The generator and dusts, in a range of wood flavours, are gift boxed with our Hot Smoked Recipe Booklet.

    • Ideal for larger smoking compartments of 150 litres or more or part fill for a shorter smoke
    • Generator is Stainless Steel, L 28 x

    Out of stock

  2. All Things Pork Hamper

    p>Pork is a favourite for hot smoking, whether its ribs, pulled pork shoulder or pork loin and this gift set brings together a combination of wood chips, rubs and marinades just for pork, together with some key hot smoked pork recipes and our Hot Smoked Recipe Booklet.

    • Presented in a kraft gift box
    • Hickory and Maple Wood Chips
    • Quiet Waters Rib Tickler rub and Sticky pig sauce
    • Gordon Rhodes pulled pork
  3. Smoked Salmon Kit

    reate your own delicious home cured and smoked salmon following our clear step by step guide. All you need to add is a side of fresh salmon, sugar and a smoking compartment such as a hooded barbecue, or add one of our Eco Cardboard Smokers to your kit for just £22. You'll be surprised how easy the process is and how lovely the results!
  4. All Purpose Curing Kit

    p>A combination of salts, sugar and herb mixes for a range of home curing projects. The kit includes professional curing salts, coarse natural sea salt, soft brown sugar and spice combinations for meat and fish. The kit also includes our Hot Smoked recipe book for a range of curing recipes. Supplied in gift bag.

    • 1kg Supracure fine salt cure mix including 1.2% curing agents
    • 1kg Natural coarse sea salt 500g
    • Soft b
  5. Cheese Smoking Kit

    p>Create artisanal style smoked cheeses with this Cheese Smoking Kit. Includes the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, 2 x 250g packs of wood dust in Apple and Oak, marigold petals for coating or creating flavour layer, a Zesty sauce for serving and a Hot Smoked Recipe Booklet which includes a range of hot & cold smoking projects.

    • Packaged in wood effect gift box with wood wool filling
    • Includes cold smoke generator, woods, her
  6. Brisket Hot Smoking Kit

    p>This Brisket Hot Smoking Kit will take your BBQ skills to new levels and your taste buds with it. Brisket is a prime but tough beef cut and one of the cheapest, but it's ideal for low and slow smoky bbq. We've teamed up with Angus & Oink to create a kit with all you need to perfect this bbq classic.

    • Includes hickory wood chunks and whisky oak wood chips
    • The General rub, PitBoss Sauce and OMG Beef Injection marinade - al
  7. Hot Smoke Adventures Box

    p>A feast of smoking woods for some adventurous hot smoking on your BBQ or smoker. This kit contains four different flavours in four different wood types, giving you the right smoke for a range of recipes and smoking techniques. Included is our Hot Smoked brushed stainless steel smoker box and two rubs in classic spicy BBQ and Harissa.

    • Oak chunks, Maple chips, Pimento chips and Hickory pellets
    • Two 50g rubs in Classic Spic
  8. ProQ Ranger 2018 Hot & Cold Smoker Set

    p>A cost-effective bundle of the new ProQ Ranger Elite 2018 model with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator*, two types of wood smoking product along with our tips and techniques and recipe ideas for both hot and cold smoked dishes. Its all you need to get started with either smoking technique.

    • *Due a stock shortage, the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator will be sent separately later in January.
    • New Ranger Elite 2018 Model with enhanced
  9. ProQ Frontier Elite 2018 Hot & Cold Smoker Set

    p>This Hot & Cold Smoker Set gives you full hot and cold smoking capability. It includes the brand new 2018 version of the ProQ Frontier Elite Smoker/BBQ, the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator*, wood dust and wood chips and our 24 page booklet with tips, techniques and recipe ideas.

    • *Due a stock shortage, the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator will be sent separately later in January.
    • 500g wood dust for cold smoking and wood chips for hot
  10. ProQ Excel Elite 2018 Hot & Cold Smoker Set

    p>This is our top of the range ProQ Hot & Cold Smoker Set, including the latest ProQ Excel Elite 2018 smoker, the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator*, wood chips for hot smoking, wood dust for cold smoking, recipes tips and techniques. With this combination you are all set for some serious hot and cold food smoking!

    • *Due a stock shortage, the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator will be sent separately later in January.
    • Includes latest 2018
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