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Speciality Woods

Speciality Woods

Speciality Woods

A selection of more unusual woods for use in food smoking. These woods are all sourced from sustainable managed orchards, estates or woodland, the hazel is from English woodland whilst the Heather and Gorse are from managed estates in Scotland, the Juniper from Denmark and the Olive is from Southern Europe. These exciting flavours create some unique recipe ideas, such as salmon hot smoked over gorse, or pork with hazel. Other ideas include partridge smoked in heather, trout smoked in hazel wood or heather smoked lamb. The chips vary in size and include twigs, leaves, flowers and spikes..
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  1. Almond Wood Chips

    ourced from the Valencia region of Spain, these chips produce a buttery, nutty aroma with a clear hint of almond. Try with pork and seafood. 300g weight, packaged in clear cellophane packs.
  2. Pimento Sticks & Leaves Bundle

    p>A bundle of approximately 1.5kg of pimento sticks and a 150g bag of pimento leaves - all you need for a perfect Jerk Chicken grilling session. Use the sticks to create a re-usable wood grill rack, soak them first, cover with a bed of leaves and grill in an offset position on your bbq or smoker.

    • Approx 12 pimento sticks measuring around 30cm long
    • Variable diameter approximate 1cm/li>
    • Sticks can be used again and ag

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  3. Dried Pimento Leaves

    p>A bundle of dried Pimento leaves, still on their twiggy branches, some still 'in the green'. Sourced from Jamaica from the Pimento or Allspice tree which only grows in the Caribbean, the leaves together with Pimento sticks are a key ingredient in the production of jerk chicken.

    • Supplied in bags of approximately 150g in weight, bag measures 30 x 25cm
    • Branches with leaves of varying size
    • Pimento sticks also ava
  4. Cabernet Oak Wood Dust

    his fine particle wood dust combines the strong, rich and rounded flavour of oak with Cabernet red wine. The dust is tumbled in a Cabernet wine blend to give you a subtle double flavour hit for your cold moking projects. Supplied in 500g cellophane bags with a twine tie.
  5. Exotic Woods Collection

    p>Take your taste buds on a world tour with this collection of exotic smoking woods from around the globe. Includes six 100% natural woods: Orange from Valencia, Manuka from New Zealand, Mesquite from the USA, Juniper from Denmark, Olive from the Mediterranean and Chestnut from France. Gift boxed with our Hot Smoked Recipe Booklet.

    • Includes 6 x 200g packs of more unusual wood chips
    • Quick usage guide plus 24 page recipe b
  6. Manuka Wood Chips

    p>Manuka brings the rich, mellow flavours of New Zealand to your smoker or barbecue. These mini chips sized between 4 and 8mm are ideal for a range of hot smoking projects. The wood has a dense grain and will produce a complex smoke flavour which will work with a wide range of food types.

    • Rich, mellow smoke flavour
    • Supplied in 300g weight and packaged in Cellophane bags
    • Manuka tree also known as Tea Tree with ca
  7. Large Whole Pimento Sticks

    p>A 2kg bundle of approximately 8 to 10 large whole pimento wood sticks direct from Jamaica and produced from the Pimento or Allspice tree. The sticks are a key ingredient in the production of jerk chicken, the famous marinaded grilled chicken dish. Sizes vary

    • Supplied in bundles of 2kg in weight
    • Variable diameter sticks around 2 to 3 cm
    • Pimento leaves chips also available separately
    • Create genuine Jam

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  8. Pear Wood Chips

    p>UK grown pear from sustainable managed orchards in a chip size typically ranging from 1cm to 3cm. This are a quality chips product ideal for any hot smoking project. Pear is a subtle fruitwood flavour ideal for seafood, chicken and white meats. Packaged in cellophane in 500g weights.

    • Natural and pure wood smoking chips
    • UK grown, sustainably sourced
    • Subtle fruitwood great with seafood, chicken and white meats

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  9. Cabernet Oak Wood Chips

    he strong, rich and rounded flavour of oak blended and tumbled with a Cabernet wine to give you a double flavour hit for your hot smoking projects. Supplied in 500g cellophane bags with a twine tie.
  10. Juniper Wood Chips

    n exciting wood smoke flavour, these Juniper chips, twigs and leaves will produce a balsamic fresh scent ideal for all meats and particularly pork and game. Supplied in 300g cellophane packs with twine closure
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