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5-10mm chips

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  1. Wood Chips Collection

    p>An instant wood chips larder of pure fruitwoods and hardwoods in a range of flavour strengths, ideal for use in a hot smoker or on your barbecue. Chips are 6mm to 1cm in size.

    • 6 x 500g bags of wood smoking chips
    • Flavours included are oak, beech, apple, cherry, hickory & maple
    • Packaged in a kraft gift box
    • Includes our Guide to Wood Smoke Flavours
  2. Mesquite Wood Chips

    esquite offers an exotic smoke flavour from the USA and it has a distinctive dark brown and amber colouring. It is strong and spicy and is often teamed with cajun cuisine. It is a robust smoke flavour which will work with any meats and oily fish. Choose from 500g (cellophane bag) or 1kg (kraft bag) pack weights.
  3. Oak Wood Chips

    ak is by far the most popular wood smoking flavour due to its rounded strong aroma and its sheer versatility. It works with most foods where a heavy smoke flavour is required, so ideal for red meats, game and fish. It can overpower more delicate flavours, but if you like things smokey, this is the one! Choose 500g (cellophane packs) or 1kg (kraft bag) pack weights.
  4. Whisky Oak Wood Chips

    hisky Oak gives you the combined benefits of the versatile heavy wood smoke flavour of oak and the extra punch of a blended whisky in which the chips are tumbled and soaked. They smell great! Lovely for beef or salmon. Choose 500g (cellophane packs) or 1kg (kraft bag) pack weights.
  5. Olive Wood Chips

    hese olive wood smoking chips, sprigs and leaves will complement your Mediterranean inspired food smoking projects. Olive creates a light, aromatic smoke flavour punchy enough for red meats without overpowering fish and poultry, Available in 300g cellophane packs.
  6. Heather Wood Chips

    eather twigs, brush, leaves and dried flowers from Scotland. A distinctive earthy aroma which conjures up its moorland setting! Great teamed with gamebirds and a chef's favourite for smoked salmon. Supplied in 300g cellophane packs with twine closure.
  7. Juniper Wood Chips

    n exciting wood smoke flavour, these Juniper chips, twigs and leaves will produce a balsamic fresh scent ideal for all meats and particularly pork and game. Supplied in 300g cellophane packs with twine closure
  8. Cabernet Oak Wood Chips

    he strong, rich and rounded flavour of oak blended and tumbled with a Cabernet wine to give you a double flavour hit for your hot smoking projects. Supplied in 500g cellophane bags with a twine tie.
  9. Vine Chips

    p>Air dried vine chippings produced from vines which have reached the end of their productive life and are removed to make way for new vine plants. The wood is air dried and then shredded to a useful hot smoking size. Provide a rich, fruity flavour for red meats, game and poultry. Packed in croissant bags for extra gift appeal.

    • Packed in 250g weights
    • Uneven chips and shreds
    • Dense, rich and fruity smoke flavour i
  10. Cherry Wood Chips

    herry is a lighter fruitwood flavour than apple. It has an aromatic, but not overpowering smoke flavour which works well with lamb, gamebirds, poultry and fish, so is highly versatile. Choose from 500g or 1kg pack weights.
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