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ProQ Accessories

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  1. ProQ Pizza Stone

    p>Turn your ProQ Smoker into a pizza with this high quality ceramic pizza stone, with a diameter of 38cm and a height of 12mm. The stone is supplied with a 42cm diameter chrome frame with handles, designed to fit either the ProQ Frontier or Excel models

    • 38cm diameter ceramic pizza stone
    • Can be used with other bbqs
    • Place on base or upper stacker brackets, remove water pan
    • Use lumpwood charcoal to achiev
  2. ProQ Frontier Elite Stacker

    p>Adding this extra stacker or smoking compartment to you Frontier Elite Smoker will give you an extra cooking layer and spce for up to 25lbs of extra food. The stacker is exactly the same specification as those supplied with the smokers and includes a stainless steel grill rack. Designed to fit 43cm diameter Frontier Smoker.

    • Black porcelain coated
    • Full ProQ Elite specification with stainless steel fittings, silicon coate

    Out of stock

  3. ProQ After Burner

    p>This ingenious accessory is designed to slot neatly over the top of the new ProQ Stainless Chimney Starter or other similar sized chimney starters to create a money-saving short-cut to searing steaks and other meat cuts. The After Burner can also be used over any open makeshift bbq as a portable grill.

    • Solid heavyweight brushed stainless steel
    • Open grill structure
    • Buy with Stainless Chimney Starter and get a f
  4. ProQ Elite Stainless Chimney Starter

    p>An impressive new all stainless steel charcoal chimney starter from ProQ. This high quality chimney starter has some great new design features and large cylinder creating a large batch of cook-ready lit coals. Includes a double handle design, heavy duty heat plate, coiled conical interior plate and multiple perforations.

    • Stainless steel with double red 'stay cool' handle design
    • Larger size 32cm height and 19cm diameter<
  5. ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes 10kg

    p>NEW. These ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes are not only environmentally friendly but also a long & clean burning, low smoke, no odour, high heat fuel ideal for hot food smoking and particularly the ProQ range of smokers. Briquette size is 5 x 5 x 2.5cm. Supplied boxed in 10kg weight.

    • 100% natural compressed coconut shell, no added sulphur or other chemicals
    • Burn up to 3 times longer with twice as much heat as ordinary wood ch

    Out of stock

  6. ProQ Ranger Cover

    black vinyl weather resistant cover designed to provide a snug fit for the ProQ Ranger BBQ Smoker. A great investment to protect your smoker from the elements.
  7. ProQ Excel Cover

    black vinyl weather resistant cover designed to provide a snug fit for the ProQ Excel BBQ Smoker. A great investment to protect your smoker from the elements.
  8. ProQ Ranger Elite Stacker

    dd a third more capacity to your ProQ Ranger smoker with this extra stacker. Built to the same Elite specification as the smoker itself, the stacker is supplied complete with 37cm diameter stainless steel grill rack. The depth to diameter proportion of this stacker makes the Ranger plus stacker choice ideal for hanging foods to smoke, with a combined chamber height of just under 1m
  9. ProQ Excel Elite Stacker

    p>This is the Elite version of the ProQ Excel Stacker giving you the same build specification as the Excel Elite Smoker, with stainless steel grill rack and fittings, plus stay cool silicon coated handles and a silicon temperature probe eyelet. Designed to fit the ProQ Excel Elite.

    • Increase smoking capacity by 301b
    • Includes stainless steel grill rack
    • ProQ Elite specification
    • 50cm diameter. 26cm in heig
  10. ProQ Frontier Cover * NEW STYLE *

    he Frontier Elite cover has undergone an 'Elite' makeover, In place of the original vinyl this new cover is a roomy waterproof reinforced canvas material designed to fit the ProQ Frontier Elite. A great investment to protect your smoker from the elements.
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