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Now's the moment to grab an excellent deal on a range of smoking and bbq products. Our Winter Sale shop includes a great selection of products from across our range with discounts up to 50%. Go on, treat yourself to a winter bargain.
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  1. Monolith Classic Black - EX DISPLAY

    p>An excellent price for a brand new, unused ex display Monolith Classic grill with cart plus cover. For collection only from our Wellington warehouse. The Monolith Classic is supplied with a complete set of internal components as standard and features the unique Smoking Chips Feeder. Grill, smoke, bake, bbq and roast using controllable high or low heat options.

    Steel cart with bamboo side tables included

    Full internal cooking ki

    Out of stock

  2. Monolith Marinade Pot & Brush

    p>A well thought out accessory for your Monolith grill (or any other bbq or smoker), this marinade pot holds just under a litre and comes complete with marinade brush. The brush hooks onto the pot handle, catching any excess marinade and the set can either be hooked onto your bbq equipment or set on your grill rack to heat the contents.

    • Brushed stainless steel pot and brush handle, silicon brush head
    • 41cm long pot handle.
  3. Monolith Grill Tongs

    p>Probably the most essential BBQ tool, these Monolith tongs have the full Monolith quality hallmark. Made of polished stainless steel with a shaped, ergonomic bamboo handle. The tongs have a locking mechanism

    • 45cm length scalloped tongs
    • Polished stainless steel and bamboo
    • Locking mechanism for neater storage
    • Boxed
  4. Monolith Skewer Rack Set

    p>Another useful accessory from Monolith for any kind of kebab making, this set of 6 skewers comes complete with a two part rack which ensures that food does not stick to your grill racks. The extra wide skewers with a triangular profile hold food more firmly in place and the 43cm length skewers will create a generous kebab helping.

    • Brushed stainless steel skewers and racks
    • 43cm long skewers cm x diameter of 13.2cm with
  5. LotusGrill Pizza Stone Set

    p>Designed to slot into place onto the grill grid of the LotusGrill portable bbq, this pizza stone set comprises a Cordierite baking stone and a stainless steel stone holder. Cordierite is a highly robust material which resists cracking through thermal shock as it reaches high temperatures. Slightly porous the material also helps create a crispier base

    • Use for pizzas, or as a baking stone for any other foods
    • Made of cordi
  6. Camerons Gourmet Mini Smoker - Ex Demo

    p>This Camerons Gourmet Mini Smoker is unused but has been on display, so is just a little bit 'un-new'. It has a few scuffs and marks, but is otherwise in good condition and complete with original packaging, instruction booklet and two tester pots of wood chips in Alder and Hickory

    • Ex demo stainless steel smoker
    • Original box, though a little scruffy
    • 2 tester pots of mini wood chips in Alder & Hickory
  7. Brisket Hot Smoking Kit

    p>This Brisket Hot Smoking Kit will take your BBQ skills to new levels and your taste buds with it. Brisket is a prime but tough beef cut and one of the cheapest, but it's ideal for low and slow smoky bbq. We've teamed up with Angus & Oink to create a kit with all you need to perfect this bbq classic.

    • Includes hickory wood chunks and whisky oak wood chips
    • The General rub, PitBoss Sauce and OMG Beef Injection marinade - al
  8. Suede BBQ Gauntlet

    p>These thick black suede gauntlets offer tough protection when handling bbq equipment. They are extra long in length at around 41cm to protect lower arms as well as hands and are heatproof up to 100 deg C.

    • Tough BBQ Gauntlets
    • Heavy duty black suede
    • Price is for single, right handed gauntlet
    • Gloves measures 41cm in length and 18.8cm wide
  9. Ooni Pro Cover

    rotect your Ooni Pro from the elements with this custom made cover made of a tough weather resistant material which has withstood all weather testing in Scotland.
  10. Ooni Pro Pizza Peel

    p>A large size pizza peel or paddle designed to hold a 14" pizza and measuring 36cm in length. A pizza peel is an essential tool to transfer doughy pizza to the stone baking board of your wood fired oven and to remove it again during cooking when rotating to ensure an even charring. Use a fine layer of flour, polenta or semolina to prevent sticking.

    • Designed for use with the Ooni Pro Multi-Fuel Oven
    • Also idea for use with
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