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Uuni is a new generation of portable wood fired oven, designed to eliminate the bulk, hassle and expense of traditional wood fired ovens, Made of sleek brushed stainless steel, the Uuni is a fusion of Finnish and Scottish design, tested in Scotland so will withstand even the harshest environmnents and can be set up anywhere to cook more than just pizzas but also meats fish and vegetables, reaching temperatures of up to 500 deg C. The brand continues to innovate with the recent launch of the first quad-fuelled oven - charcoal, wood, pellet or gas. Take your pick.


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  1. Uuni Suede Gauntlets

    p>Protect your hands when handling any of your outdoor cooking kit with these soft red suede gauntlets are lined for extra comfort and protection. Supplied as a pair.

    • Bright red suede outer with Uuni logo
    • Heat resistant middle layer
    • Soft interior lining
    • Fully stitched seams
  2. Ooni Pro Cover

    rotect your Ooni Pro from the elements with this custom made cover made of a tough weather resistant material which has withstood all weather testing in Scotland.
  3. Ooni Pro Pizza Peel

    p>A large size pizza peel or paddle designed to hold a 14" pizza and measuring 36cm in length. A pizza peel is an essential tool to transfer doughy pizza to the stone baking board of your wood fired oven and to remove it again during cooking when rotating to ensure an even charring. Use a fine layer of flour, polenta or semolina to prevent sticking.

    • Designed for use with the Ooni Pro Multi-Fuel Oven
    • Also idea for use with
  4. Uuni Cast Iron Sizzler

    p>Harness the heat of your wood-fired Ooni oven with this oval cast iron sizzler pan. Cook meats, seafood and vegetables or any foods which benefit from a fast fire cook and lots of direct heat. The pan is 24cm long, has a removable handle and a heat resistant birch wood base.

    • Cast iron pan plus handle and birch wood base
    • 24cm long, 14cm wide
    • Highly heat efficient for fast cooking of seafood, vegetables and meat
  5. Ooni Infrared Thermometer

    p>For an instant temperature read-out of your wood-fired oven, kamado or smoker, just point this handheld infrared thermometer at the area to be measured and pull the trigger. The thermometer provides a temperature reading ranging from -50 to 550 degrees C and the no contact method eliminates the incidence of burns.

    • Designed for single handed operation
    • Useful for range of outdoor cooking and indoor applications
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