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ProQ offers an excellent range of versatile food smokers, cold smoke generators and accessories and pretty much has the food smoking remit 'covered'! The brand has gained a strong following in professional bbq circles - the ultimate endorsement - but has equal appeal to the home smoking enthusiast and it offers a cost-effective and reliable smoking solution for artisan producers. Designed in Cornwall by the McKend family - originally from Zimbabwe - the range offers high quality build with a range of useful and easy-to-use features. Powered by charcoal and with a water pan for both temperature control and moisture infusion, the ProQ offers great scope for the experimental outdoor cook not just for food smoking, but also bbq, roasting and steaming complemented by a comprehensive range of accessories from pizza stone to rotisserie. For cold smoking, the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator has been a great success story and is a Hot Smoked bestseller.

Hot Smoked is one of a carefully selected handful of ProQ Authorised Dealers in the UK. We hold the full range in stock and ship the products nationwide from our own warehouse in Wellington, Somerset.