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  1. Monolith Classic Rotisserie

    p>A stainless steel rotisserie for spitroasts and whole chicken, this custom wedge shaped accessory can be used with your Monolith lid closed. The set includes a battery operated rotating spit with length meat forks with long prongs to hold meat securely in place.

    • Stainless steel rotisserie attachment for Monolith Classic Grill
    • Battery operated motor inside metal casing
    • Optional electric power supply (charger no
  2. Monolith Pizza Stone - All Sizes

    p>Using the latest cordierite ceramic stone, tested to withstand thermal shock, Monolith's pizza stones enable not just pizza cooking on your grill but also breads, flatbreads, quiches and cakes. You are guaranteed a crispy base as the open pored surface absorbs moisture. For best results use with your heat deflector in place.

    • Three different sized stones are available depending on your Monolith Grill size.
    • Use dropdown m
  3. Chicken Roaster

    p>Not just a chicken roaster, this accessory features a removeable canister which can be filled with a flavoured liquid marinade of your choice from beer to fruit juice, creating a high flavoured, succulent chicken, marinaded from the inside on the canister, you can also fill the perforated pan with potatoes or vegetables which will cook in chicken juices.

    • Stainless steel cookware
    • Removeable canister which can be filled w

    Out of stock

  4. Monolith Marinade Pot & Brush

    p>A well thought out accessory for your Monolith grill (or any other bbq or smoker), this marinade pot holds just under a litre and comes complete with marinade brush. The brush hooks onto the pot handle, catching any excess marinade and the set can either be hooked onto your bbq equipment or set on your grill rack to heat the contents.

    • Brushed stainless steel pot and brush handle, silicon brush head
    • 41cm long pot handle.
  5. Monolith Grill Tongs

    p>Probably the most essential BBQ tool, these Monolith tongs have the full Monolith quality hallmark. Made of polished stainless steel with a shaped, ergonomic bamboo handle. The tongs have a locking mechanism

    • 45cm length scalloped tongs
    • Polished stainless steel and bamboo
    • Locking mechanism for neater storage
    • Boxed
  6. Monolith Skewer Rack Set

    p>Another useful accessory from Monolith for any kind of kebab making, this set of 6 skewers comes complete with a two part rack which ensures that food does not stick to your grill racks. The extra wide skewers with a triangular profile hold food more firmly in place and the 43cm length skewers will create a generous kebab helping.

    • Brushed stainless steel skewers and racks
    • 43cm long skewers cm x diameter of 13.2cm with
  7. Monolith Fish Plank

    p>Combine wood smoke flavour with the grilling power of your Monolith Ceramic Grill and a little bit of theatre! This innovative fish grilling plank consists of a beech plank with a stainless steel 'fishbone shaped' frame which clamps the fish to the wood. The plank is then secured to your grill rack with a universal fitting mount.

    • Beech wood plank which can be re-used time and again
    • Stainless steel bone shaped frame to h
  8. Monolith Cast Iron Plancha

    p>In heavy duty cast iron, this reversible plancha offers two cooking surfaces, a ridged side for adding the distinctive grilled grid to burgers, steaks or chops and a smooth flat side for frying many other foods including eggs, fish, flatbreads, pancakes and vegetables. Has two heat resistant coiled steel handles

    • 39cm diameter and 2cm thick plancha
    • Reversible with two cooking surfaces, ridged and smooth
    • Heat re
  9. Monolith Fire Plate & Drip Tray

    p>This super sized 74mm fire plate fits the Monolith Classic Grill and creating an expansive hotplate area for searing and grilling steak, fish and vegetables. The plancha sits over the base of the Monolith and is used with the lid open. The top vent is repositioned on the centre of the plate for temperature control

    • Variable temperature from centre to outer of plancha
    • Steel construction with front drain hole
    • Sup
  10. Monolith 7 Skewer Set for Rotisserie

    p>Grill Churrasco or Mangal style on your Monolith Rotisserie with this set of 7 stainless steel skewers which fit into the rotisserie wedge shaped frame and are rotated simultaneously by the rotisserie motor. Use with or without the lid of your Monolith closed. Create shaslik, kebabs, vegetable skewers or Brazilian style skewers.

    • Set of 7 stainless steel skewers which fit onto the Monolith Rotisserie
    • Length of skewers 63
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