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  1. JoeTisserie

    p>A rotisserie accessory designed for the Kamado Joe Classic 23" grill. Features a powerful but quiet mains powered motor and a sold stainless steel spit rod. Easy to install and can be use in the Kamado with the lid down for optimal heat rentention.

    • Cast aluminium frame
    • Solid stainless steel spit rod
    • Mains powered motor
    • Fits 23" ceramic grill

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  2. Kamado Joe Grill Expander

    ncrease your cooking space by around 60% with this robust stainless steel grill expander. Once in place with its cupped feet allowing it to sit securely on the existing grill rack, the grill expander acts as a second cooking level. Not only does it add more cooking space, but it gives you greater versatility for heat exposure. By elevating the food further away from the heat source, it can be used for more delicate foods such as fish, seafood and
  3. Kamado Pizza Stone

    p>Make delicious restaurant quality pizzas at home in your Kamado Joe with this ceramic pizza or baking stone. The stone distributes heat evenly and absorbs excess moisture so not only will it give you a crispy pizza base and crust, but you can also use it as a versatile baking stone for bread, biscuits and cakes.

    • fits Kamado Joe Classic (18") and big Joe. Use with heat deflector
    • Can be used with other bbqs or ceramic gri
  4. Kamado Joe Rib Rack

    he Kamado Joe Rib Rack optimises your cooking space; placing ribs vertically in the rack gives you more space to cook larger amounts of food. The rack is also very useful for holding chicken drumsticks or thigh joints, pork chops and even corn on the cobb - anything that can be held in place on the rack. Use the Rib Rack by placing directly onto the Kamado grill rack, or for lower, slower indirect cooking, use with the heat deflector.
  5. Kamado Joe Classic Cover

    ade of a durable black vinyl with a felted insulated interior, this heavyweight cover will give your Kamado Joe all year round protection from the elements. Fold the cart tables flat before covering your Kamado. The cover also has a handy top handle for easier removal and sports the Kamado Joe logo in red on the front.
  6. Kamado Joe Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

    p>A useful reversible cast iron accessory in a half moon shape, sized to fit the Kamado Joe Classic 18"/46cm and designed to be placed in the flexible cooking rack. Has a smooth surface for frying and griddling on one side and a raised rib surface for searing and grilling on the other.

    • Two cooking surfaces in one accessory
    • Fits a Classic sized Kamado Joe 18"/46cm or large Big Green Egg
    • Use with the Divide & Conq

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  7. Kamado Joe Cast Iron Grill Rack

    p>An open cast iron grill rack designed for fast and hot searing of meats and fish, whole or filleted. The half moon design is sized to fit in the 18"/46cm diameter Kamado Joe Classic or similar and is for use with the flexible cooking rack along with a range of other half moon accessories.

    • Robust cast iron grill rack
    • High heat/sear alternative to stainless steel grill rack
    • Use at two levels on the 'Divide &

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  8. Kamado Joe Flexible Cooking Rack

    p>The flexible cooking rack is the backbone of the Kamado Joe 'Divide & Conquer' cooking system which can hold up to four different half moon cooking accessories providing a range of cooking and heat options. Fits the Kamado Joe Classic or similar 18"/46cm classic size ceramic grills

    • Flexible frame which sits on the firebowl
    • Holds up to four different half moon accessories (available separately)
    • Equivalent a
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