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  1. Deluxe Hot Smoking Starter KIt

    p>This Hot Smoking Starter Kit contains all you need to achieve smoky deliciousness in your smoker or barbecue. Includes the essential components of hot smoking - a selection of woods, a spicy rub, stainless steel smoker box and our Hot Smoked recipe booklet with tips & techniques. Gift Boxed with twine and label

    • Three wood flavours in chip and chunk form
    • Scorching Hot Chilli Rub
    • Stainless Steel Smoker Box
  2. Hot Smoke Adventures Box

    p>A feast of smoking woods for some adventurous hot smoking on your BBQ or smoker. This kit contains four different flavours in four different wood types, giving you the right smoke for a range of recipes and smoking techniques. Included is our Hot Smoked brushed stainless steel smoker box and two rubs in classic spicy BBQ and Harissa.

    • Oak chunks, Maple chips, Pimento chips and Hickory pellets
    • Two 50g rubs in Classic Spic
  3. Exotic Woods Collection

    p>Take your taste buds on a world tour with this collection of exotic smoking woods from around the globe. Includes six 100% natural woods: Orange from Valencia, Manuka from New Zealand, Mesquite from the USA, Juniper from Denmark, Olive from the Mediterranean and Chestnut from France. Gift boxed with our Hot Smoked Recipe Booklet.

    • Includes 6 x 200g packs of wood chips
    • Quick usage guide plus 24 page recipe booklet
  4. Brisket Hot Smoking Kit

    p>This Brisket Hot Smoking Kit will take your BBQ skills to new levels and your taste buds with it. Brisket is a prime but tough beef cut and one of the cheapest, but it's ideal for low and slow smoky bbq. We've teamed up with Angus & Oink to create a kit with all you need to perfect this bbq classic.

    • Includes hickory wood chunks and whisky oak wood chips
    • The General rub, PitBoss Sauce and OMG Beef Injection marinade - al
  5. Exotic Woods with Smoker Box

    p>A fabulous selection of six pure smoking woods from around the globe along with our Hot Smoked stainless steel smoker box, gift boxed with our recipe booklet. Use with a hooded bbq or smoker to flavour your bbq favourites with unique aromatic wood smoke. Includes Orange from Valencia, Manuka from New Zealand and Juniper from Denmark.

    • Bring smoke flavours from around the world to your bbq or smoker
    • Includes 6 x 300g pa
  6. Cheese Smoking Kit

    p>Create artisanal style smoked cheeses with this Cheese Smoking Kit. Includes the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, 2 x 250g packs of wood dust in Apple and Oak, marigold petals for coating or creating flavour layer, a Zesty sauce for serving and a Hot Smoked Recipe Booklet which includes a range of hot & cold smoking projects.

    • Packaged in wood effect gift box with wood wool filling
    • Includes cold smoke generator, woods, her
  7. Padamo Quick Booster for Chimney Starters

    p>Your Charcoal Chimney Starter's new best friend, this portable device pumps air via an internal fan into your chimney cylinder for fast, reliable ignition. Powered by 4 x AA batteries (not supplied) or via a mains power adaptor (available separately). Suitable for use with most sizes and brands of charcoal chimney starter.

    • Speed up lighting coals in your charcoal chimney starter
    • Fan assisted ventilation system, battery
  8. Meaty Feast Hot Smoke Hamper

    p>If you love cooking meats over open coals on your barbecue or smoker, then this hamper will provide a source of strong smoke and spice flavours to complement the robust flavours of beef, lamb and game. Use in a hooded bbq or smoker all year round - definitely a gift in use long after Christmas!

    • Hamper presentation
    • Aged Vine Chunks & Mesquite Chips
    • Peri Peri sauce, Flaming Spice Mix, Grass Fed Beef Rub, Bri
  9. Portable Bucket BBQ Kit

    p>This portable bbq kit includes a galvanised bucket bbq, pure restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal, a bundle of natural ocote firelighter sticks, some storm matches and a 250g pack of oak wood smoking chips for added flavour dimensions. All you need for an al fresco cook-out for festivals, beach or campsite.

    • Includes galvanised steel bucket bbq with charcoal grate
    • 2.25kg bag of artisan Devon lumpwood charcoal
    • Nat
  10. ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

    p>An ingenious maze style device for effortless cold smoke generation for use in a hooded bbq, smoker or in any other smoking or grilling cabinet. Provides 10 hours of cold smoke from just 100g of fine wood dust. Measures 15cm square and 4cm in height and made of stainless steel. Use again and again for a wide range of cold smoking projects

    • Featured on Nadiya's British Food Adventure, BBC2
    • Tealight included plus 2 x 100g
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