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Cold Smokers

Cold Smokers

Cold Smokers

Cold smoked foods are cured and smoked, a technique used originally to preserve foods but these days, is one of intensifying and experimenting with flavours. Meats and fish remain raw, such as smoked salmon or chorizo. Cold smoke foods can be cooked before they are eaten, such as bacon, or ingredients such as garlic or chillis. Although the technique seems to be cloaked in complexity, its surprisingly simple and we offer a range of cold smoking devices which will enable you to easily create a wide range of cold smoked dishes from parma hams to delicately smoked cheeses.
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  1. ProQ Eco Cold Smoker - For Spares

    p>This ProQ Eco Smoker is missing the inner cardboard sleeve, but the remaining elements could be useful for spares if you already have an Eco Smoker. Included is the outer cardboard sleeve with a slight dent, 3 grill racks, a base tray with handles and a drip tray.

  2. ProQ Eco Cold Smoker - Second

    p>We have an ex demo (never used) ProQ Eco Cold Smoker available. The smoker is complete with cardboard outer, inner sleeve, 3 racks, a base tray with handles and drip tray, it's just a bit scruffy in places. Still quite a bargain!

    • Save £10 on the RRP of £28
    • Seconds due to slightly scruffy outer card layer, otherwise unused
    • One only available
  3. ProQ Cold Smoke Generator Gift Pack

    p>A gift version of the bestselling ProQ Cold Smoke Generator which includes two 500g bags of wood dust in oak and beech and our Hot Smoked Recipe Booklet as well as the generator itself, all packaged in a twist handle carrier bag with hang tag. Just the ticket for introducing friends and family to the rewards of home cold smoked bacon, fish, cheeses, garlic, oils, salts, chillies.....

    • ProQ Cold Smoke Generator
    • 2 x 500g w
  4. ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

    p>An ingenious maze style device for effortless cold smoke generation for use in a hooded bbq, smoker or in any other smoking or grilling cabinet. Provides 10 hours of cold smoke from just 100g of fine wood dust. Measures 15cm square and 4cm in height and made of stainless steel. Use again and again for a wide range of cold smoking projects

    • Featured on Nadiya's British Food Adventure, BBC2
    • Tealight included plus 2 x 100g
  5. Eco Cold Smoker Set

    his combination of Eco Smoker and Cold Smoke Generator both by ProQ gives you an instant and economical cold smoking set-up. The kit comes complete with 2 x 200g packs of wood dust in strong oak wood flavour and more subtle beech, plus recipes, tips and techniques. Makes a fabulous gifty introduction to the culinary art of cold smoking.
  6. ProQ Eco Cold Smoker

    p>The Eco Smoker from ProQ provides a low cost, fully re-usable smoking compartment. Designed for use with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator (not supplied), it has a sturdy double wall construction and set of 3 chrome grill racks with metal drip tray. Robust enough to smoke even larger meats as well as cheeses, garlic, salt etc.

    • Double wall cardboard smoker with metal trays & racks
    • Fully re-usable. Will last for years if
  7. Bradley Cold Smoking Adaptor

    his Bradley Cold Smoking, suitable for use with the Bradley Original and both Bradley Digital Smokers, enables you to professionally offset the smoke generation and the heat involved in this process and pipe the smoke, less the heat, directly into the smoking unit so you can achieve true cold smoking conditions of less than 20 degrees Celsius.
  8. Bradley Smoke Generator

    ancy building your own smokehouse? With a Bradley Smoke Generator, the creation of clean and consistent wood smoke flavour is taken care of and all you need to do is design and build your own smoke cabinet. Might sound like a challenge, but this doesn't have to be from scratch.
  9. ProQ Frontier Elite Hot & Cold Smoker Set

    p>SAVE £21. This Hot & Cold Smoker Set gives you full hot and cold smoking capability. It includes the ProQ Frontier Elite Smoker/BBQ, the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, two types of wood smoking product and our 24 page booklet with tips, techniques and recipe ideas.

    • Complete kit for both hot and cold smoking
    • Two 500g bags of wood smoking chips free with this bundle
    • Hot Smoked 24 page recipe booklet worth
  10. Artisan Cold Smoke Generator

    p>Cold smoke for longer and in larger smoking compartments with the new ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator - supplied with a FREE 600g pack of Oak dust . The all stainless steel Artisan is larger than the original ProQ Cold Smoke Generator and will deliver 16 hours of cold smoke from just 300g of wood dust.

    • Ideal for larger smoking compartments of 150 litres or more
    • Stainless Steel, L 28 x W 25 x H 4 cm
    • 16 hours
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