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Pizza Oven Fuels

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  1. Pizza Oven Wood Starter Pack

    p>A useful starter bundle of natural firelighters, kindling and ash logs for use in wood fired ovens. The firelighters are compressed coils of waxed wood wool and the kindling is 20cm thin lengths of pine wood. The ash logs are cut to the optimum size and kiln dried to ensure the correct moisture content

    • Batch of waxed wood wool totally natural firelighters
    • Approximately 15 x 20cm lengths of pine kindling
    • Around
  2. Ash Logs for Pizza Ovens

    p>An 8kg bag of ash logs cut to the optimum size for use in a wood fired oven. Approximately 30cm in length and 4 to 6 cm thick, these logs have been kiln dried to reduce the moisture content, creating a very hot and clean burning wood fuel, with some wonderful wood smoke flavour to boot.

    • 6-7kg bag of split seasoned logs
    • Roughly 30cm in length and 4 to 6cm thick
    • Just two or three needed to bring your oven up to

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  3. Kiln Dried Kindling

    p>A bumper bag of kindling wood, cut to 15cm lengths in variable widths or around 2 to 3 cm. This softwood kindling has been kiln dried to replicate the seasoning process. The kindling is packed into sealed waterproof bags weighing approximately 5kg

    • Softwood kindling in 15cm lengths
    • Small size help easy lighting
    • Kiln dried
    • Packed into waterproof bags. Weight approx 6kg

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