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You can use any type of charcoal in a bbq style hot smoker, but we always recommend use of a briquette form of charcoal rather than the more common lumpwood variety as it will hold it's shape and heat for longer. For enhanced taste, try our restaurant grade Devon charcoal created using traditional methods for a hot and smoke-free burn. As for firelighters, choose the most natural products such as our Ocote sticks.
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  1. Big K Restaurant Grade Lumpwood 15kg BOXED

    p>This high quality lumpwood charcoal from Big K is now available boxed, which protects the product in transit and is easier to store. The charcoal is designated 'restaurant grade standard because it's a pure hardwood charcoal without any additives. It will burn hotter and longer than your average lumpwood.

    • 15kg boxed high quality charcoal, direct to your door
    • Pure charcoal & no additives with restaurant grade status<
  2. Aussie Heat Beads 10kg

    p>The ever popular Aussie Heat Beads are now available in a new larger 10kg pack. Australia's No 1 bbq fuel, Aussie Heat Beads are a great choice for low and slow heat production in smokers or for general bbq cooking. The pillow shaped beads hold their shape as they slowly burn retaining heat for up to 4 hours.

    • Compressed pillow shaped bbq briquettes
    • Long-lasting, smokeless and odourless heat
    • Retains shape deliv
  3. ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes 10kg

    p>NEW. These ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes are not only environmentally friendly but also a long & clean burning, low smoke, no odour, high heat fuel ideal for hot food smoking and particularly the ProQ range of smokers. Briquette size is 5 x 5 x 2.5cm. Supplied boxed in 10kg weight.

    • 100% natural compressed coconut shell, no added sulphur or other chemicals
    • Burn up to 3 times longer with twice as much heat as ordinary wood ch

    Out of stock

  4. Nettelfields Artisan Charcoal

    p>This artisan charcoal is made of 100% pure coppiced hardwood from sustainably managed mixed woodlands in North Devon. It contains absolutely no additives and the traditional carbonisation process creates an easy to light, clean and hot burning product. Suitable for restaurant use and probably the best charcoal you can use in your barbecue.

    • 2.25kg bags. Buy two save 60p overall.
    • Sourced and produced sustainably from mixe
  5. Aussie Heat Beads

    p>Aussie heat beads are a square compressed bbq briquette that burns both hot and long and holds its shape delivering heat for up to 4 hours. The most popular BBQ fuel in Australia, these briquettes are ideal for slow hot smoking projects. The fuel is odourless and smokeless with minimal ash waste.

    • Supplied in heavy duty 4kg bags
    • Buy individual bags for £7.85 or save £2 and buy a box of four bags.
    • Us
  6. Big K Restaurant Grade Lumpwood 15kg

    his Big K restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal is a high quality pure hardwood charcoal with largish chunks and no additives. It will burn hotter and longer than your average lumpwood.

    • Large 15kg bags
    • Pure charcoal & no additives with restaurant grade status
    • Large chunks and smaller pieces for all hot burning bbq needs
  7. Big K Charcoal Briquettes 10kg

    p>Big K Charcoal Briquettes are restaurant grade, and burn longer and hotter than normal barbecue charcoal. They are also odourless, and the lack of additives will also allow the food you are cooking to retain its integrity.

    • Totally natural and odourless burn, made from environmentally friendly raw materials
    • Formed into hollow hexagonal logs
    • Produces high, long lasting heat
    • 10kg supplied boxed
  8. Cobblestones

    p>Cobblestones are made from coconut shells compressed into a 13cm circular slab designed to fit snugly in the Cobb charcoal basket. Each one of the 'stones' is individually wrapped making them a particularly practical solution to using your Cobb out and about or on holiday and with a unique built-in firelighter they're easy to light.

    • Light easily just holding a match to the centre
    • Two hours cooking time per Cobblestone

      Out of stock

  9. Ultra Quick BBQ Charcoal

    p>Ultra Quick is a circular charcoal briquette made from coconut husk, which is ideal for use in a Cobb BBQ, but is also a safe, economical and compact bbq fuel for many other uses.

    • Made from environmentally friendly coconut husk
    • Long and clean burning
    • Sold in boxes of 5 briquettes
    • 12cm diameter, 3cm thick

    Out of stock

  10. Natural Ocote Firelighters

    hese natural firelighters are forested sustainably from the Ocote pine tree (Pinus Oocarpa) which is native to Guatamala. . The wood shards taken from the trunk are highly flammable and are a very effective way to light your fire without chemical smells
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