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Smoker Boxes

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  1. ProQ Stainless Steel Smoker Box

    n all stainless steel smoker box from ProQ for use with various wood smoking products. The box is placed directly on hot charcoals to produce longer and richer smoke flavours.
  2. Camerons Smoke Box

    his Camerons solid stainless steel Smoke Box, is used to generate rich smoke flavours by placing it directly on hot charcoals. A fold away handle makes it easier for you to place the box on your heat source and the depth of this smoker box means you can use if for more wood chips or larger wood pieces.
  3. Hot Smoked Smoker Box

    p>This large brushed stainless steel smoker box is a key accessory for hot smoking. Fill with wood chips or pellets and place directly on your heat source, charcoal, wood or gas. The box protects the chips and prevents early ignition whilst also promoting more gentle, mellower and longer lasting smoke production.

    • Supplied with free sachet of wood chips
    • Brushed stainless steel with Hot Smoked cut-out logo for smoke to esca
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