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BBQ Tools

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  1. Bouffadou Pipe

    p>This traditional cast iron bouffadou pipe is a great outdoor cooking accessory allowing you to deliver air to the centre of your heat source to help light, stoke or rejuvenate. Just blow into the top, a safe distance from your fire. The pipe doubles as a poker with a couple of useful spikes to help move around logs or other fuels.

    • Cast iron 75cm long pipe
    • 4.5cm diameter
    • Stoke your fire from a safe distance
    • Out of stock

  2. Turbo Flex Lighter

    p>This turbo lighter provides a powerful gas-fuelled prolonged flame, great for lighting bbq or smoker. It has a flexible hose, so it can be pointed exactly where you need the flame and a shaped handle with trigger pull operation. Black plastic body with green trigger & lock.

    • Refillable powerful gas lighter
    • Supplied filled and ready to use
    • Prolonged flame generation and ideal for windy conditions
    • Locka
  3. Easy Grill Cleaner

    p>Take the messy job of cleaning grill racks well away from the sparkling kitchen sink and cut down on scrubbing time! Fill this oversized plastic 'dish' shaped container with a cleaning solution, add dirty grill rack or racks, cover with your bbq or grill lid and leave to soak.

    • Room for grill racks up to 58cm in diameter
    • Internal depth 6.5cm, raised moulds on base
    • Use hot water and a grill detergent or other no
  4. Uuni Suede Gauntlets

    p>Protect your hands when handling any of your outdoor cooking kit with these soft red suede gauntlets are lined for extra comfort and protection. Supplied as a pair.

    • Bright red suede outer with Uuni logo
    • Heat resistant middle layer
    • Soft interior lining
    • Fully stitched seams
  5. Monolith 7 Skewer Set for Rotisserie

    p>Grill Churrasco or Mangal style on your Monolith Rotisserie with this set of 7 stainless steel skewers which fit into the rotisserie wedge shaped frame and are rotated simultaneously by the rotisserie motor. Use with or without the lid of your Monolith closed. Create shaslik, kebabs, vegetable skewers or Brazilian style skewers.

    • Set of 7 stainless steel skewers which fit onto the Monolith Rotisserie
    • Length of skewers 63
  6. Delivita Axe

    p>A brilliant tool for the outdoor cook whether creating kindling or correctly sized seasoned logs for wood fired oven including the Delivita or creating wood smoking chunks from your own seasoned wood supplies or cutting down those you've bought which are a little too large. This mini axe is handmade, forged from carbon steel with a solid hickory wood handle.

    • 30 cm long axe, perfect accessory for cooking with wood
    • Carbon

    Out of stock

  7. Delivita Oven Brush

    p>This steel wire brush from Delivita is the perfect tool to keep the oven base clear of ash and cooking residues. It's a substantial tool combining steel, stainless steel and solid beech, handcrafted in Yorkshire, but also a very useful addition to any outdoor cooks armoury of accessories.

    • Robust steel wool cleaning brush for wood-fired ovens and other outdoor cooking kit
    • Solid beech handle
    • 46cm in length
  8. Monolith Grill Tongs

    p>Probably the most essential BBQ tool, these Monolith tongs have the full Monolith quality hallmark. Made of polished stainless steel with a shaped, ergonomic bamboo handle. The tongs have a locking mechanism

    • 45cm length scalloped tongs
    • Polished stainless steel and bamboo
    • Locking mechanism for neater storage
    • Boxed
  9. Marinade Injector

    his marinade injector is quick and easy to use and is a rapid solution to marinading deep into meats, fish and poultry in preparation for even more mouth watering results on your smoker or barbecue.
  10. Marshmallow Toasting Fork

    p>This long handled 3 pronged fork is ideal for toasting marshmallows (or any other tasty morsels) over an open fire. The three prongs have a sharpened end which is easy to spear food with and the long handle keeps you safe from the heat of the fire. Has a wooden handle with metal hanging loop.

    • 72cm long chrome plated toasting fork
    • Suitable for marshmallows, chestnuts, crumpets etc
    • Buy two and save £1
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