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Here you'll find a wide range of accessories for food smoking, barbecuing, curing and drying. Use the filter selection on the left hand side to help you select accessories appropriate for individual brands.
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  1. Cobb Dome Extension

    p>The Cobb Dome Extension is designed for use with the Cobb BBQ (Premier size) and made of the same high quality brushed stainless steel. It provides an additional 6.5cm cooking height capacity allowing you to cook larger joints of meat and whole birds. The Dome Extension is supplied with a chicken rack - a two part stainless steel stand.

    • Add 6.5cm height to your cooking chamber
    • Solid stainless steel
    • Includes Ch

    Out of stock

  2. ProQ Excel Elite Stacker

    p>This is the Elite version of the ProQ Excel Stacker giving you the same build specification as the Excel Elite Smoker, with stainless steel grill rack and fittings, plus stay cool silicon coated handles and a silicon temperature probe eyelet. Designed to fit the ProQ Excel Elite.

    • Increase smoking capacity by 301b
    • Includes stainless steel grill rack
    • ProQ Elite specification
    • 50cm diameter. 26cm in heig
  3. ProQ Ranger Elite Stacker

    dd a third more capacity to your ProQ Ranger smoker with this extra stacker. Built to the same Elite specification as the smoker itself, the stacker is supplied complete with 37cm diameter stainless steel grill rack. The depth to diameter proportion of this stacker makes the Ranger plus stacker choice ideal for hanging foods to smoke, with a combined chamber height of just under 1m
  4. Butchers Hooks - set of 10

    p>A set of 10 solid stainless steel meat hooks for use in a variety of food smoking, curing and drying applications. These substantial hooks are in the traditional 's' shape and have a sharpened tip.

    • Heavy duty stainless steel
    • 6 inches in length 4.5mm diameter
    • Sharpened tip, both ends
    • Pack of 10
  5. Spring Scale

    traditional spring scale which will provide an accurate measurement up to 25kg. The scale is particularly useful for weighing bulky items which won't fit on your home scales or, for the home producer, whole birds or large cuts of meat.
  6. ProQ Excel Cover

    black vinyl weather resistant cover designed to provide a snug fit for the ProQ Excel BBQ Smoker. A great investment to protect your smoker from the elements.
  7. ProQ Ranger Cover

    black vinyl weather resistant cover designed to provide a snug fit for the ProQ Ranger BBQ Smoker. A great investment to protect your smoker from the elements.
  8. Step Up Grill - Excel 48cm

    p>Increase the cooking capacity of your ProQ Smoker - or your barbecue or Kamado grill - with this 48cm diameter step up grill - or two. This handy device with fold up legs sits on top of your existing grill rack to give you a second cooking layer within each individual stacker. For even more cooking area, just add two!

    • 48cm diameter, 8cm high, chrome plated
    • Fold up/down legs to position on top of existing grillrack
  9. Kamado Joe Deep Dish Pizza Stone

    p>If you like a deeper crust on your pizza, then here's the accessory for the job. This deep dish pizza stone will help you create authentic deep style pizzas either in your ceramic grill, barbecue or use in an oven. Made from high impact ceramic, the stone will distribute heat evenly. Also ideal for breads as well as casseroles, paella or roasts.

    • Deep dish ceramic pizza stone 35cm diameter and 5.7cm in height
    • Use in cera
  10. Kamado Joe Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

    p>A useful reversible cast iron accessory in a half moon shape, sized to fit the Kamado Joe Classic 18"/46cm and designed to be placed in the flexible cooking rack. Has a smooth surface for frying and griddling on one side and a raised rib surface for searing and grilling on the other.

    • Two cooking surfaces in one accessory
    • Fits a Classic sized Kamado Joe 18"/46cm or large Big Green Egg
    • Use with the Divide & Conq
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